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Implement a Successful Data Governance Strategy

Intelligent Data Governance for Dummies

Hitachi Content Platform: Compliance for the Modern Business

Information Governance in a World of Increased Data Regulation

IDC Marketscape Views Hitachi Vantara as a Leader in Object Storage

Hitachi Content Platform allows users to better manage data governance, IoT, big data, and other use cases. Find out why IDC views Hitachi Vantara as a Leader in this IDC MarketScape report for object-based storage.


BLOG, Scott Baker
Intelligent Data Governance: A Competitive Edge – Part 2 of 4

The data collected by businesses every day has incredible strategic value — containing insights about customer needs, market trends, financial results and daily operations. Leveraging this information means ensuring...

BLOG, Scott Baker
The Need for Intelligent Data Governance – Part 1 of 4

Today's connected business environment generates huge volumes of information every day. How well are you managing the challenges, opportunities, and risks associated with this data explosion? There's no question that companies today are overwhelmed with data...



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Why and How Organizations Keep Data Worldwide
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Intelligent Data Governance For Dummies
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The Economic Value of Storage on Hitachi Content Platform
Learn how Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) lowers the TCO of cloud storage by reviewing this InstaGraphic.