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Transform VDI With Hyperconverged Infrastructure
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Transform VDI with Modern Hyperconverged Infrastructure - TechTarget Whitepaper
Analyst Content

Transform VDI With Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Read this TechTarget white paper to see how virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) reduces complexity, cost and administrative overhead with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), using VMware and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC).


IT vendors collaborate, refresh your VDI.

  • VDI continues to be an essential element of end-user computing. Now is the time to rethink underlying infrastructure to improve performance and scalability.
  • Fast deployment, simplified management, cost efficiency and easy scalability make hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) an attractive candidate for refreshed and updated VDI implementations.
  • Jump into this custom white paper to learn about an HCI approach to VDI that leverages IT vendor collaboration. It delivers four key requirements for reshaping your end-user computing landscape.

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