On-Premises, Consumption-Based Private Cloud Creates Opportunity for Enterprise Out-Tasking Buyers

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Analyst Content
Enterprise IT Needs a New Deployment Model to Meet Business Demands

ISG anticipates strong demand from customers for the on-premises, consumption-based (OPCB) deployment model, given that buyers want to take advantage of the promise of public cloud. Buyers are concerned, however, about privacy, data sovereignty and security, which often eliminates public cloud as a deployment model candidate for all workloads.

Although not appropriate for all clients, the emerging OPCB out-tasking model warrants serious consideration for clients that:

  • Place a premium on data sovereignty
  • Do not want to release full operational control
  • Seek the flexibility of an operational expenditure commercial model

Examine the deployment models that can blend the best of both shared and dedicated models: on-premises, consumption-based services. Learn more. Download this white paper today.
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