Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

Secure, simple, smart enterprise mobility solution allows you to mobilize, protect, sync and share user data from anywhere and at anytime to improve productivity.

Mobilize Your Workforce, Minimize Your Risks


  • Transform to a digital workplace for greater efficiency and workforce engagement
  • Ensure that data is properly protected, and meet regulatory requirements for access, preservation, security and auditing
  • Increase worker productivity through collaboration tools and anytime, anywhere, any device access to data
  • Stop Ransomware With Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

    Increased data security makes HCP portfolio your ally in the fight against ransomware.

HCP Anywhere is a technological big win for us. Moving data around has always been a challenge for us. We’ve relied on ftp in the past, but now we have the aptitude for customer delivery and documentation in a secure, recordable manner that’s much more collaborative and user-friendly.
– Howard Holton, Managing Director, Network Architect, Precision Discovery

Empower Your IT to Deliver Its Own Mobility Solution


  • Mobilize data in existing NAS and content management systems, and transform from traditional to cloud-based home directories
  • Protect end-user data and easily recover from device failures, user error and threats such as ransomware
  • Create a digital workplace with cloud home directories, collaboration tools and rich APIs to satisfy diverse needs and avoid the risks of shadow IT
  • ESG Lab Validation: Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

    HCP, HCP Anywhere, Hitachi Data Ingestor and Hitachi Content Intelligence evaluated.



Mobilize Data Without Compromising Security and Visibility

Retain Visibility and Control of Your Data

Adhere to compliance and governance policies, all while securing access from anywhere.

Diminish Shadow IT and Unsanctioned Application Use

Deliver the public cloud services users need and the collaborative tools they want from your own cloud environment.

Safeguard End-User Data

Protect, secure and easily recover data on end-user devices.


Empower Your Workforce With Intuitive Collaboration Tools

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access to Data

Sync and share across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone® or any web-enabled device through the HCP Anywhere user portal.

Avoid Mailbox Quota and File-Size Limitations

Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook® converts attachments into shared links, reducing mailbox size and enabling collaboration on files as large as 2TB.

Streamline Deployment for Enterprise Environments

Easily deploy software within existing IT environments while supporting antivirus, device management and user authentication services, automatic client updates and user self-service.


Optimize Savings for the Long Term

Provide Mobile Access to Corporate File Shares

Extend mobile access to data in existing NAS devices, including Hitachi Data Ingestor, Hitachi NAS Platform, EMC, NetApp and Microsoft® Windows® servers.

Reduce Your Help Desk Burden

Self-service features let users manage devices, file sharing and data recovery themselves while the service automatically stores and protects end-user data.

Store Data Efficiently

Share links to files instead of attachments to reduce network load; deduplicate and compress data to reduce storage needs.


Turnkey Mobility Platform Designed for Your Business

Deliver Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud Storage Services

Offer a range of file services from a single solution extending from your data center to remote offices and end users.

Customize for Your Business Needs

Tailor the solution based on your unique sharing policies, quotas, and governance rules and apply your own logos and branding.

Transform to a Digital Workplace

Software development kits and rich APIs let you build your own apps and workflows with built-in collaboration, data protection and compliance tools.
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The breadth and depth of Hitachi technologies and services are what get us out of fire-fighting mode and into enablement, so we can foster revenue generation.

– Pravine Balkaran, Global Head of IT, Spin Master

Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

Using Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, we can share large amounts of data with our customers, partners and suppliers easily and securely, anytime, anyplace and on any device.

– Gregor Kremsmüller, CMO and Executive Board Member, Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

In addition to providing us with a reliable and simple solution for the future, we will also use Hitachi Content Platform for document management applications. We have also optimized backup and storage costs, and we expect to make significant progress in improving management efficiency.

– Giuseppe Alibrandi, Chief Technology Officer, Banca Popolare di Milano

Hitachi helped Ocean University of China implement a campus cloud drive project with active-active data center and HCP Anywhere solutions. This project improves working and learning efficiency of teachers and students significantly, but also simplifies the information management of the university.

– Sun Xianglin, Vice Director of IT Center, Ocean University of China

Performance was an initial concern for us, until we understood that we would actually need to discard our previous maximum measures for processing data in favor of a whole new, much higher ceiling. We foresee being able to improve our processing throughput by 300%.

– Howard Holton, Managing Director and Network Architect, Precision Discovery

Industrial Plants

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

Number of supported FSS users
VM Single Node
Up to 25,000
VM Dual Node
Up to 50,000
Entry Pod
up to 5,000
Standard Pod
up to 50,000
Number of Nodes
VM Single Node
VM Dual Node
Entry Pod
2 Quanta Nitro
Standard Pod
2 Quanta Nitro
Hardware per node - CPU
VM Single Node
4-16 Cores
VM Dual Node
4-16 Cores
Entry Pod
1 x E5-2620 v3
(6C 2.4GHz)
Standard Pod
2 x E5-2680 v3
(12C 2.5GHz)
Hardware per node - Memory
VM Single Node
6-128 GB
VM Dual Node
Entry Pod
32 GB
Standard Pod
320 GB
Hardware per node - Storage
VM Single Node
VM Dual Node
Entry Pod
6 x 300GB
(2.5" 10K SAS)
Standard Pod
6 x 1.2TB
(2.5" 10K SAS)


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