Remote Replication

Rely on Our Comprehensive Recovery Strategies

From up-to-the-second mirroring to comprehensive multi-site strategies, we have your business needs covered.

Take a Smarter Approach to Data Protection

Avoid Disruptions to Your Data – and Your Business

  • Rely on unmatched scalability and data integrity for large, enterprise-class applications that span multiple storage systems
  • Get back to business in minutes from outages with continuous, nondisruptive Hitachi TrueCopy replication
  • With Hitachi Universal Replicator, ensure business continuity and disaster recovery after widespread outages
  • Cost-Optimize Your Disaster Recovery Plan

    Hitachi Vantara helps protect your business for less.

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The faster backup and recovery process makes it much easier to meet our recovery time objectives.
– Balázs Gáti, Head of Server and Storage Department, K&H Bank

Comprehensive Replication Solutions for Complex Environments, Done Better


  • Combine replication solutions for a comprehensive and cost-effective business continuity strategy, with simplified setup and automation
  • Choose Hitachi TrueCopy for synchronous, continuous, nondisruptive, host-independent replication
  • Choose Hitachi Universal Replicator for asynchronous replication over any distance with tight recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Why Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Need Modern Data Protection

    Traditional backup methods don't work. Learn how you can fix it.

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Replication That Never Quits

Get Users Back to Work and Productive Quickly

Hitachi TrueCopy almost instantaneously replicates and verifies data within distances of up to 300 km (186 miles).

Even Network Outages Won’t Take Down Your Business

With its journal disk caching and continuous data copying capabilities, Hitachi Universal Replicator handles data protection even in the event of network or regional outages.


Flexible Storage Options Add Value and Reduce Overhead

Supports Diverse Virtualized Storage Systems for Maximum Flexibility

TrueCopy synchronously replicates data from any storage system within a virtualized pool managed by Hitachi storage software, while Universal Replicator replicates asynchronously across any distance; both are compatible with open systems and mainframe environments.

Choose the Configuration That Meets Your Business Needs

Choose a three-data-center (3DC) configuration solution, for both open and mainframe disaster recovery environments, with Universal Replicator.


Reliability in All Situations

Hitachi Universal Replicator dynamically adjusts to network conditions to ensure data consistency and reduce operational costs.

Part of a Complete Data Protection Solution

Use Hitachi Data Instance Director to combine remote replication for disaster recovery with in-system replication for local operational recovery, and easily create workflows that meet complex business requirements.


Three-Data-Center Strategy

Review this checklist and see five reasons to consider a three-data-center storage strategy.

Can You Protect Your Data?
How are you going to protect that data? Watch this video and learn how Hitachi provides the answers.


Universal Replicator

See how a Hitachi Universal Replicator solution can solve your data protection needs.

TrueCopy Remote Replication
Discover how you can ensure business continuity with Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication bundle.


Disaster Recovery Using Hitachi TrueCopy
Ensure rapid disaster recovery using TrueCopy on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for the SAP HANA Platform.
Replication Use Cases
Read this TechValidate research report on how companies successfully use Hitachi replication solutions.


Shandong Telecom

Since implementing Hitachi Content Platform, we improved efficiency of backup and recovery by over 30%. We don’t worry about passing a KPI evaluation.

– Zhao Mingming, IT Operation and Maintenance Manager, Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom)

K&H Bank

Previously, our data analysts always had to wait two days before new business figures became available in our data warehouse. With the Hitachi solution, we reduced this to one day. This enabled faster data analysis, helping us to make better decisions and respond more quickly to market trends.

– Balázs Gáti, Head of Server and Storage Department, K&H Bank



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Hitachi In-System Replication Bundle

Defend against data corruption or loss by combining full-volume clones from Hitachi ShadowImage Replication with space-efficient Hitachi Thin Image snapshots.

Hitachi Data Instance Director

A single, unified platform to meet your operational recovery, disaster recovery and long-term recovery challenges.

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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