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Network Your Way to a Resilient, Scalable Future

Hitachi and Brocade deliver innovative networking and converged solutions for enterprise, cloud and virtualized environments.

Accelerate Business Advantages With High-Performance, Scalable Storage Networking

Support Critical Workloads and the Cloud

  • Brocade's data center networking, SAN and server connectivity solutions help global organizations transition to the cloud
  • Hitachi and Brocade provide industry-leading infrastructure for storage, mainframe, business continuity and converged solutions
  • Brocade Fibre Channel SAN technologies support high-performance, resilient and scalable networking for Hitachi Flash storage solutions
  • Transform with Hitachi Flash Solutions

    See how Hitachi flash solutions and Brocade deliver high-speed, real-time intelligence.

When we first started the project, we were already satisfied with Brocade's switches and were using them to link SANs at various data storage centers. Hitachi reliability and innovation allowed us to develop a longer-term strategy for effectively managing data growth. This has been a great opportunity to transform how we grow and achieve new objectives while reducing our IT workload.
– Sergei Kvashuk, VP, AO Raiffeisenbank

Achieve Always-Available, Automated, Agile IT


  • Hitachi and Brocade deliver superior storage and SAN consolidation with Hitachi virtual storage systems and Brocade SAN Directors
  • Hitachi Unified Storage systems and Brocade fabric technologies together provide flexible, agile, resilient infrastructures for public and private clouds
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions with Brocade networking help organizations create cloud-ready, flexible and scalable solutions to deliver IT services on demand
  • Hitachi Video Management Platform

    Improve resiliency, cost efficiency and scale with an enterprise-class, turnkey video data solution.



Superior Storage and SAN Consolidation

Always Available

Global storage virtualization creates multi-data-center, active-active computing environments for continuous services delivery.

Always Automated

Built-in intelligence and tools ensure that critical applications deliver top performance to stay ahead of service-level commitments.

Always Agile

Single pretested, prevalidated platform accelerates time to value, enables nondisruptive upgrades and integrates with key applications.


Segment, Store, Scale and Protect Your Video Data With Hitachi Video Management Platform and High-Performance Fibre Channel Network Fabrics to Support Smarter, Safer Cities

Easy, Automated Management

Fibre Channel networks deliver higher bandwidth required to streamline application deployment, simplify video management and ensures video data integrity.

Enterprise-Class Scalability

Allows you to buy what you need now and easily scale as your environment grows.

Protect Privacy, Comply with Regulations

Archive compliance requirements with Fibre Channel SANs, which is inherently secure.

Eliminate Risk and Improve Business Confidence

Brocade Delivers Proven Reliability to Support Nonstop Operations

Fibre Channel Leadership

Brocade, a trusted leader for SAN architectures with over 70% market share, ships thousands of FC switching platforms annually.

Single Unified Compute Platform Solution Support

Hitachi handles all technical support needs, eliminating complicated multi-vendor support issues that can delay resolution.

Strong Joint Partnership in Solution Development

With our 15 years of experience delivering 40 joint UCP best-in-class reference architectures, you can count on getting a reliable solution.


Breakthrough Performance, Scalability
See the significant benefits of integrated Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Brocade Gen 5 and Gen 6 Fibre Channel solutions.


We Deliver Data Resilience for the Digital Age
See how solutions from Hitachi Vantara and Brocade help organizations thrive with a unified data resilience architecture.


Hitachi Vantara and Brocade Modernize Mainframe Recovery
Learn how Hitachi Mainframe Recovery Manager removes risk from mainframe environments to keep your business operational 24/7.


Performance was an initial concern for us, until we understood that we would actually need to discard our previous maximum measures for processing data in favor of a whole new, much higher ceiling. We foresee being able to improve our processing throughput by 300%.

– Howard Holton, Managing Director, Network Architect, Precision Discovery

Hitachi reliability and innovation allowed us to develop a longer-term strategy for effectively managing data growth. This has been a great opportunity to transform how we grow and achieve new objectives while reducing our IT workload.

– Sergei Kvashuk, VP and Director of Core IT Infrastructure, AO Raiffeisenbank

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere simplifies management, improves overall platform performance, and meets requirements for stability and future hardware expansion.

– Yangzhi Zhao, Chief Operating Officer, CapitalOnline

We believe UCP for SAP HANA is a rapid, reliable and easily scalable solution, which will be able to consistently handle our dynamic workloads, no matter what.

– Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director, SPAR Information and Communication Services GmbH (ISC)

SAP HANA platform in PI Industries is now scalable and flexible with nominal administrative costs, and the speed of performance has improved considerably. The reports, which used to take approximately four days, are now completed in just three to four minutes.

– Vineet Kumar Chawla, Head IT, PI Industries

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Converged Management Software

Integrate your data center and cloud, and automate infrastructure management to reduce costs in your Brocade network.

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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