Mainframe Storage

Innovate to improve IBM® mainframe storage performance, reliability and management.

Powerful Mainframe Storage


  • IBM®-tested, compatible mainframe-attached storage
  • All-flash or hybrid configurations improve performance even under the heaviest input/output loads
  • Lower capacity needs, reduce floor space requirements and energy consumption, and make more effective use of limited staff resources
  • Cost

    Hitachi VSP F1500, G1500 for Mainframe

    See why Hitachi mainframe storage leads the industry in innovation.

The Hitachi and Turkcell teams have worked closely throughout the project. The collaboration has been key to the success of our new storage environment.
– Bülent Saltürk, Infrastructure and Operations Division Head, Turkcell

Maximize Mainframe Environments


  • Scale-out to add even more performance
  • Fully redundant with non-disruptive upgrades and online microcode updates
  • Replicate data synchronously between systems over metro distances for non-stop operations
  • Storage

    Mainframe Compatibility and Innovation

    Hitachi is a leading storage supplier committed to supporting the mainframe.



Complete Fault Tolerance, Data Protection and Online Service Capabilities for Mainframe Storage

Availability and Business Continuity

Separate copies of data provide secure protection and data availability in mainframe environments.

Multiple Instances

In case of a system or site failure, system data can be accessible on alternate storage systems at single or multiple locations.

High Performance Scalability

VSP F1500 and G1500 Systems Scale to Over 8 Petabytes and Deliver Up to 4,800,000 I/O Per-Second Performance

Advanced Features and Automation

PAV, HyperPAV, dynamic volume expansion (DVE), extended address volumes (EAV), peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC), and IBM FICON® forward error correction.

Deep IBM Mainframe Support

Supports IBM FICON and Fibre Channel, IBM z/OS®, z/VM®, z/VSE®, LINUX for IBM z Systems®, Basic and IBM GDPS® HyperSwap®, XRC, and FlashCopy®.


Virtualized External Storage Improves Storage Administration

Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for Mainframe

Automated storage controllers provide storage as necessary, eliminating the need for manual provisioning.

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe

Controllers automatically move consistently accessed data blocks to the highest-tier storage, and less frequently used data to lower tiers.

Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe

Online storage service-level control uses Dynamic Tiering policies to improve performance and avoid potential problems.


How to Avoid Downtime
Achieve continuous computing for mainframe batch processing.
Why a FICON® Switched Network?
Build the optimal mainframe storage architecture with Hitachi and Brocade.


Mainframe Tiered Storage Manager
Easily manage storage service levels by storage groups or individual volumes.
Hitachi VSP Family Overview
See how to run mainframe applications at peak performance, simplify for greater IT efficiency, and eliminate risks.


VSP G1500 for zSystems
Read how VSP G1500 is the industry leader in reliability, functionality, performance, scalability and sustainability.
Mainframe Storage from Hitachi
Learn to tighten, simplify and reduce expenses in your mainframe storage environment.

Mainframe Storage Software

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)

SVOS offers system management and advanced storage system functions, such as storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms. For mainframe storage, SVOS includes Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Storage Navigator, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for Mainframe, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager, Hitachi Resource Partition Manager, Hitachi Data Retention Utility, performance monitor feature, volume shredder feature, LUN manager, Hitachi Volume Retention, cache residency manager for mainframe feature, RAIDCOM, Java API, CCI, SMI-S provider and SNMP agent.

Hitachi Compatible PAV for Mainframe Package

Hitachi Compatible PAV for Mainframe package includes Hitachi Compatible PAV for Mainframe and Hitachi Compatible HyperPAV for Mainframe.

Hitachi Compatible PAV for Mainframe

Parallel Access Volume (PAV) support. Compatible PAV for Mainframe is used for achieving fast I/O response time and fast overall system throughput for mainframe environments. It enables the mainframe host system to initiate multiple I/O requests simultaneously to the Hitachi enterprise storage system.

Hitachi Compatible HyperPAV for Mainframe

HyperPAV support. Compatible HyperPAV for Mainframe is used for achieving even faster PAV performance. It extends PAV technology by utilizing I/O virtualization management to achieve higher levels of I/O efficiencies, storage device resource management, and overall system performance throughput.

Hitachi Data Mobility for Mainframe Package

The Hitachi Data Mobility for Mainframe package includes Hitachi Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe and its management tool, Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe.

Hitachi Local Replication Package

Hitachi Local Replication delivers convenient and cost-effective full-volume data cloning for fast, point-in-time data copies within the storage system. Offering includes Hitachi ShadowImage Replication and Hitachi Thin Image snapshot software.

Hitachi Remote Replication Package

Package includes Hitachi TrueCopy for Mainframe, Hitachi Universal Replicator for Mainframe and Hitachi Business Continuity Manager software.


Data Tiering

Drive intelligent data placement, nondisruptive data migrations and optimization within Hitachi virtualized storage environments.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Provides maximum performance, resiliency and storage virtualization by consolidating all storage under a single software-defined infrastructure.

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