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Lumada Data Integration

Rapidly build and deploy data pipelines at scale. Integrate data lakes, data warehouses, and devices, and orchestrate data integration flow across all environments.

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Onboard, Prepare and Blend Data Faster

Manage fast-growing volumes and increased variety and velocity of data with a data orchestration tool that reduce time and complexity of building and maintaining analytic data pipelines. Use enterprise data integration to combine data with ease.

15x Productivity with Automation
Onboard multiple thousands of varied on-premises, cloud, and edge data sources efficiently and quickly with modern data integration.
10x Faster Production Deployment
Choose execution engines from native to Spark to suit the job, reducing effort, saving costs and future proofing your enterprise data pipeline.
3x Improvement in Pipeline Quality
No-code functionality versus hand-coding data pipelines using an easy drag and drop interface for on-premises and cloud Hadoop data lake integration.

Integration Simplified

Collaboratively build, deploy and monitor dataflows to streamline data delivery. Deliver analytics-ready data to end users faster with visual tools that reduce time and complexity. Without writing SQL or coding, gain real value from data sources such as files, databases, data warehouses, data lakes and more, from edge to core to multicloud.

Accelerated Data Onboarding

  • Broad connectivity to virtually any data source or application
  • Drag-and-drop interface to create data pipelines
  • Dataflow templates that execute edge to cloud

Lightweight for Data Self-Service

  • Inline and stepwise visualization of data
  • Blend data anywhere on-premises or cloud
  • Flexible architecture to run anywhere

Robust Dataflow Orchestration

  • Seamlessly switch between native engine and Apache Spark
  • Operationalize R, Python, Scala & Weka machine learning models
  • Extend for analytics with built-in integration

Customer Stories

See why organizations around the world are using Lumada Data Integration, delivered by Pentaho, to realize better business outcomes.

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Lumada Data Integration

Reduce time and complexity to access, prepare and blend multiple data sources to deliver analytics-ready data - with no code. An intuitive interface paired with a powerful transformation engine offers high-performance data integration and analytics capabilities that meet customer needs.

Access data sources at the edge, core and cloud

Reduce time and complexity to access, prepare and blend sources to deliver analytics-ready data.

Connect to and move data of any size in any format

Access data sources on-premise or in the cloud from flat files, RDBMS, object stores and application databases.

Cluster to container flexibility

Develop adaptive and scalable pipelines with Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds.

Orchestrate machine learning

Operationalize R, Python, Scale and Weka models that use industry leading libraries.

Move data to support real time operations

Consume Kafka, JMS and Kinesis messages and process streaming, IoT and clicks data with low latency.

Infer metadata, prepare and deliver analytics ready data

Profile, validate and discover data. Then cleanse, structure and visualize analytics-ready data.


CERN Turns to Pentaho to Optimize Operations

CERN's systems need to manage high volumes of confidential data on its employees and their families, so security, data governance and data integrity are all paramount. After a review of five different proprietary and open source platforms, Pentaho emerged as best adapted to our needs.

- Jan Janke

Deputy Group Leader, CERN


Bell Optimizes Operations and Reduce Costs

Hitachi Vantara has shown that it’s a true partner to customers. Pentaho is a great tool that’s evolved to meet the challenges of real people.

- Jude Vanniasinghe

Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Bell Business Markets Shared Services, Bell Canada


ElectraLink Powers UK’s Energy Market

To extract hundreds of millions of data flows and transform them into meaningful information our customers would buy and use to enhance their energy delivery processes, you have to do a lot of work. Pentaho makes it easier.

- Dan Hopkinson

Head of Network and EMI Services, ElectraLink


Heilan Group Thrives With Better Analysis

The Pentaho system helps Heilan Group better understand the sales and user experience of its product as well as that of its rivals, which enhances Heilan Group’s marketing strategies and R&D, greatly improving revenue.

- Mr. Xue Jun

System Architect, Heilan Group

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Lumada Data Integration - Demo

Contact us to experience Lumada Data Integration in action – see an end-to-end demo of data integration for a range of use cases and users.


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