Industrial IoT

Innovate with sensor data, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to gain end-to-end operational visibility and predictive quality, and optimize production efficiency.

Smart, Flexible, Efficient Operations


Optimize production, reduce quality defects and boost operational efficiency

Intelligent Platform

The Lumada IoT platform is architected to provide intelligence to factories, from visualizing the factory floor to automating production.

Proven Performance

Across global customers and our own factories, our technology delivers operational flexibility and better outcomes.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence provide actionable insights and real-time response to dramatically boost efficiency.


Make your factory smarter, more responsive and efficient

Dynamic Scheduling

  • Optimize factory production through artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and big data
  • Gain increased operational availability, better on-time delivery and higher asset utilization
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Predictive Quality

  • Reduce unplanned downtime with real-time fault detection and traceability
  • Minimize product defects and operating costs, and increase production throughput
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Get on the Path to Industrial IoT Success and High ROI

See how industrial IoT is delivering strong outcomes and high ROI for manufacturers and distribution centers.

What’s Driving the Factory of the Future?

Gain insight into the market needs, technologies, and other factors that will impact the factories of tomorrow.

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