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Hitachi Ops Center Protector Datasheet

Improve Cyber Resiliency and Enterprise Data Protection with Hitachi Ops Center Protector and VM2020 CyberVR.

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Copy Data – It's Not Just For Recovery

In today's cyberthreat landscape, a response plan is a must, and to be effective, it needs to include both proactive and reactive elements. Data used to recover servers and applications has become a prime target for hackers, who seek out backup services and repositories to both destroy the data and sabotage the recovery effort. Storage-based data protection is an ideal approach to defending against cyber-attacks because it provides true immutability with minimal visibility on the attack surface. Hitachi Vantara and VM2020 have partnered to integrate unique capabilities of Hitachi Ops Center Protector with VM2020 CyberVR to provide customers with isolated "thin digital twin" environments. Within this environment, capabilities include creating an isolated server or application group to proactively test protection copies for recoverability, as well as running IO-intensive ransomware/malware scans with no impact to production applications. Thin digital twins can also be used for patch and change management, full-force penetration testing, security control validation, remediation testing, and ransomware recovery. The "thin" element comes from safely leveraging existing storage snapshots for near-instant provisioning, all with a minimal storage footprint.

Transforming Backup Data into Action

CyberVRTM is a software platform that makes full-scale isolated, extremely realistic, and continuous cybersecurity and DevOps testing possible without affecting production systems, a first in technology risk mitigation.

CyberVRTM creates fully functional copies of production systems in mere minutes without the need for additional infrastructure. These thin digital twins are automatically instrumented and made easily accessible for interactive manipulation by multi-disciplinary teams to optimize workflows, validate change management procedures, test recoverability of servers and applications, and collect evidence of cybersecurity capabilities or weaknesses.

Enhanced Data Resilience, Recoverability and Reusability

Hitachi Ops Center Protector is an enterprise proven copy data management software platform. By automating and orchestrating a range of data copy and movement technologies and greatly simplifying secondary operations, Protector enables creation of a wide variety of cyber-resilient copy architectures for all your workloads. Ops Center Protector enables companies to create protection schemes to meet the needs of their always available databases and services with no interruption to end users. Create schedules and copy destinations to cover the most complex data flows with ease and simplicity.

Rapid and Accurate Prevention and Recovery

Hitachi Ops Center Protector and VM2020 CyberVR provide unique integration of data protection orchestration and automation that delivers evidence-based cyber resilience. Our joint solution can help IT organizations with:

  • Conducting frequent recovery drills to generate muscle memory, achieve consistent recovery times for applications and services, and refine processes
  • Applying cyber hardening recommendations quickly without risking downtime or service interruptions
  • Proving cyber controls are properly configured without impacting performance
  • Ensuring that only clean environments are recovered to production networks
  • Hardening an already compromised environment without alerting the intruder

Resilient Storage Infrastructure with Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform Arrays

Hitachi Vantara offers a broad portfolio of midrange and enterprise storage arrays under the Virtual Storage Portfolio (VSP) brand powering some of the largest companies worldwide. Hitachi Vantara VSP arrays are architected to deliver high levels of agility, performance, and resiliency. Hitachi Vantara VSP arrays are an ideal foundation to build a modern, resilient datacenter with seamless integration with Hitachi Ops Center Protector and VM2020 CyberVR.

Achieving Cyber Resiliency with Hitachi Ops Center Protector and VM2020 CyberVR

CyberVR leverages Ops Center Protector's best of breed storage-based data protection capabilities (no footprint on attack surface) with CyberVR's VM recovery automation (see Table 1). CyberVR leverages seamless integration with Ops Center Protector snapshots and array management capabilities to automate instant creation of isolated, point-in-time applications and their associated server environments. With CyberVR and Ops Center Protector, IT can reduce the time and effort required to create recovery candidate testing environments and dramatically accelerate recovery from cyber-attacks. CyberVR further accelerates validation of recovery candidates through automated scanning of VMs in the isolated environments.

TABLE 1: The Power of The Architecture

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