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Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight Datasheet

Minimize time spent on monitoring your storage environment. Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight provides automated, fully observable cloud-based management.

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Foundation for Self-Driving, Autonomous Operations

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight is an easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring and management software that provides critical insights into your Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) assets. Predictive analysis enables less downtime and faster resolution.

Ops Center Clear Sight utilizes Hitachi Remote Ops automated and proactive data collection to strategically identify equipment needs in advance and create an efficient mitigation plan. AI-driven insights powered by Hitachi Remote Ops give an on-demand, single-source view of operational and business metrics for Hitachi storage utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To take full advantage of Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight, simply connect your VSPs (See Table 1) to Hitachi Remote Ops' powerful innovation engine to gain secure visibility into your arrays and service events. Once connected, Ops Center Clear Sight provides a powerful interface that streamlines the monitoring and management of your critical VSP storage assets, offers predictive data driven recommendations for datacenter upgrades, and frees up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Seamless Digital Experience

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight's unified digital experience through a low-touch cloud SaaS option helps IT staff keep up with monitoring and updating systems, avoid unplanned down time, frees up time for other activities.

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight proactively monitors your VSP systems with a cloud-based, access-anywhere HTML5 portal. Ops Center Clear Sight deeply integrates with Hitachi Remote Ops and Support Connect, Hitachi Vantara's feature-rich support website, and other business tools.

Leveraging the powerful AI-driven insights from Hitachi Remote Ops, Ops Center Clear Sight provides easy-to-use dashboards that show up-to-date inventory asset views, health status, risk management, and capacity planning. With Ops Center Clear Sight, all of your connected VSPs are displayed on a single dashboard regardless of whether they are located at a single site, or multiple sites. The inventory view provides for quick system health status of drives, power and cooling, and configuration analysis. Ops Center Clear Sight also provides risk detection of capacity, microcode, and hardware as well as capacity planning based on twelve months of historical data collected.

Providing foundation for AIOps infrastructures

Hitachi Ops Center expands its AIOps capabilities with cloud-based monitoring via Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight. Coupled with integrated AI-driven insights from Hitach Remote Ops, customers now have a multi-layered approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for on-premises and cloud-based predictive and proactive analytics.

Powerful AIOps efficiencies from Hitachi Ops Center deliver:

  • An average of 30% faster non-disruptive migration setup
  • Up to 70% reduction in storage management tasks
  • Up to 90% faster provisioning

Highly intelligent AI-driven insights minimize service interruption:

  • 40 trillion data points collected weekly from Hitachi Vantara devices are utilized for proactive problem identification
  • Resolves over 90% of support issues before they affect customer environments
  • AI-driven insights for over 53,000 devices monitored across 11,000 sites globally

Extensive, Highly Intelligent AI-Driven Insights

Hitachi Remote Ops powerful data innovation engine provides actionable results from AI-driven insights to give visibility into customer equipment and service events. As a single source of truth, Remote Ops brings global consistency to operational and business data quality and management. Monitoring over 53,000 devices across 11,000 sites globally, and collecting 40 trillion data points weekly means Hitachi Vantara and Partner service experts are able to proactively address over 90% of service issues before they impact customer environments.

The aggregated machine telemetry data collected by Hitachi Remote Ops shows data center inventory views, system health, and manages risk. It also directs performance and capacity planning to help you prevent system issues, plan for change and service activities, identify performance issues before they are serious, and increase overall uptime, all via intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards.

Minimize Downtime with Predictive and Proactive Analytics and Remote System Updates

Remote Ops monitors, alerts, collects data, and provides analytics about your Hitachi solutions, 24/7. The support team from Hitachi Vantara or your valued Partner uses that data to help make recommendations to improve your performance and perform health checks. Remote Ops virtual and immediate troubleshooting analyzes errors and automatically opens a case for you, as well as uploads troubleshooting logs and analyzes diagnostic data when needed for efficient and faster resolution.

All of Hitachi Remote Ops convenient remote options decrease the time and effort required for data center service and support, and remove the need for onsite access. You can arrange to receive automated and highly secure updates across your sites simultaneously with the Remote Ops system updates feature. Once you schedule a remote system update, automation is remotely initiated and managed by Hitachi Vantara specialists through your Remote Ops connection to help you keep your microcode and software current.

TABLE 1: Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight Powered by Hitachi Remote Ops System Support
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP 5000 series): 5600, 5600H, 5500, 5500H, 5200, 5200H, 5100 and 5100H
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E series: E590, E790, and E990
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F series: F350, F370, F700, and F900
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G series: G130, G150, G350, G370, G700, and G900

For more information on how Hitachi can help you to make informed decisions on data center visibility, optimization and efficiency, visit the Hitachi Ops Center web page or contact your Hitachi Vantara or Partner representative.

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