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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series: Capacity Without Compromise

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In a world where microseconds matter, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E series supercharges performance for business applications, while also meeting data efficiency needs with a simple-to-manage platform.

Trusted Capabilities That Won’t Break the Bank

Can your IT infrastructure team keep up with the demands of a distributed workforce and data hungry applications? If you are overwhelmed by maintenance tasks and struggling to deliver IT projects fast enough, because you’re continually challenged to be agile and “do more with less,” it’s time to rethink data storage.

The E Stands for Everyone

Getting what you need is easy with the VSP E series. Choices include NVMe, hybrid-flash, and all-flash options with a range of enterprise data storage capabilities on a midrange storage budget. Build your foundation for a data-driven future.

With the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E series (VSP E590, VSP E790 an VSP E1090), we provide agile and automated storage built upon the innovative technologies found in our high-end enterprise systems. Now all businesses can deliver exemplary service levels, data security, and cloud services enabling the acceleration of cloud-native application development and migration. With Hitachi VSP systems, businesses of any size can enjoy the same peace of mind and application availability that the largest enterprises in the world rely on.

These systems enable you to cost-effectively meet your current digital expectations and scale to address future challenges as application data needs and service levels evolve. With time-tested, proven availability and scalability, we deliver infrastructure solutions that help you maximize your data center advantage.

Give your growing business the performance that large enterprises rely on to satisfy the demands of real-time, data- hungry applications. VSP E series architecture is designed with a true symmetrical active-active controller to deliver consistent, industry-leading, low-microsecond latency. This advanced architecture reduces the transaction costs of latency-critical applications and delivers predictable performance to optimize storage resources.

Flexible data management options allow you to evolve as your business grows. Use the VSP E series embedded management for simplified system configuration and setup, ideal for single system environments, or choose Hitachi Ops Center management for comprehensive administration, analytics, automation and data protection capabilities across the entire VSP E series and VSP family.

Take advantage of the advanced capabilities in the VSP E series across all your data center storage assets through virtualization pioneered by Hitachi. Storage virtualization gives you a common management control point for multiple storage systems, which drives increased administrative efficiencies. Data services, like data reduction, automation, and metro clustering, that are available with VSP E series are extended to virtualized storage systems to give them more value and an extended life cycle.

Enterprise Agility

Building upon our successful portfolio of data solutions, the VSP E series is powered by the same Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF) operating system that protects our largest customers. With all VSP models sharing a common SVOS RF operating system, you can manage and replicate your data between any VSP system and avoid creating silos of data.

VSP E series gives your growing business the performance that large enterprises have relied on for decades to satisfy the demands of your real-time, data hungry applications. Class-leading latency of less than 41 ms drives efficiencies and stellar customer experiences throughout your business.

With intelligence designed into our adaptive data reduction technology, you can run data reduction and be assured of optimized performance and efficiency. With our proven data reduction capabilities, VSP E series allows organizations to make effective use of our 4:1 sight-unseen effective capacity guarantee.

Choice of NVMe, Hybrid Flash, and All Flash in a Single Family

As workloads increase and data levels grow, it is important for storage to deliver scalable performance, capacity and storage efficiency. VSP E series offers you a single architecture to match all your business and workload requirements. Our all-NVMe flash solutions deliver super-charged, ultra-low latency performance that small, midsized and enterprise businesses need to accelerate and consolidate their business applications. VSP E series all-flash and hybrid-flash solutions extract the maximum performance and capacity value from applications. These solutions are agile enough to support traditional data center workloads, cloud initiatives, containerized applications, and even utility consumption models that reduce upfront costs.

Virtual Storage Scale Out
The VSP E series supports clustering of up to 65 appliances with 130 controllers and 260 CPUs. That’s 4,160 cores. Powered by Hitachi Ops Center, your VSP E series solution can be used as a single virtual system to host, delivering federated management, data protection and automation across the cluster to simplify your infrastructure.

Legendary Hitachi Resilience

VSP E series builds on 58 years of proven Hitachi engineering experience, offering you a superior range of business continuity options that provide the best reliability in the industry. We back this up with the industry’s first and most comprehensive 100% data availability guarantee. As a result, 85% of Fortune 100 financial services companies trust Hitachi storage systems with their mission-critical data.

The VSP E series innovative active-active controller architecture protects your business against local faults while mitigating performance issues. In addition, enterprise-class metro clustering is also available with Hitachi Global-Active device solution, which provides synchronous replication between data centers up to 500km apart. For even more protection and data mobility, you choose asynchronous replication to a third data center with Hitachi Universal Replicator. Migrate data from older systems with no disruption to your operation and applications. All the while, monitor your entire storage environment with Hitachi Remote Ops, which proactively predicts and prevents issues that may lead to downtime or operational disruption.

Flexible Storage Management

Hitachi Vantara’s flexible storage management portfolio brings the power of choice back into your organization and scales with your business as it grows and your needs change. Whether for a single array or larger environments, our full complement of orchestration and optimization tools will meet your unique needs now and evolve for what is next.

Hitachi embedded management is ideal for single system environments and provides simplified, rapid system configuration and setup of the VSP E series arrays with the ability to provision storage within minutes as well as supplying array-based monitoring for basic troubleshooting.

Hitachi Ops Center, our AIOps-driven, advanced management suite delivers a self-driving experience across the entire VSP portfolio. Hitachi Ops Center is an integrated storage management platform which includes configuration, analytics, automation, and data protection for a more centralized approach to storage management.

Advanced AIOps

Achieve greater efficiencies and agility with Hitachi Ops Center’s advanced AIOps which provides real-time monitoring for VSP E series systems located on-premises or in a colocation facility. Hitachi’s advanced AIOps provides unique integration of IT analytics and automation that identifies issues and, through automation, quickly resolves issues before they impact your critical workloads.

Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to improve IT operations, using predictive and root cause analysis as well as automated remediation. Analyzer uses ML data to continuously monitor the entire data path, from virtual machine (VM) to storage, to ensure resources are meeting their required service level agreements (SLAs) for mission-critical applications.

Hitachi Ops Center Automator orchestrates the agile delivery of VSP E series storage resources to enable a cloudlike, IT-resource delivery model. This approach provides rapid deployment of new infrastructure resources through a selfservice catalog and ensures consistent data resiliency policies. The extensive catalog provides customizable workflows such as smart provisioning and nondisruptive migration that minimize manually intensive steps and can improve overall efficiency up to 70%, freeing up critical IT staff.

Cloud-Enabled Monitoring

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight is an easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring and fleet management software tool that provides critical insights into your Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) assets. Predictive analysis means less downtime and faster resolution. Ops Center Clear Sight leverages Hitachi Remote Ops automated and proactive data collection to strategically identify equipment needs in advance and create an efficient mitigation plan. AI-driven insights powered by Remote Ops give an on-demand, single-source view of operational and business metrics for VSP E series arrays utilizing AI and ML.

Modern Cybersecurity

Hitachi Ops Center provides ransomware mitigation that helps you guard your most vital data assets. Hitachi Ops Center Protector orchestrates the replication between on-premises, near cloud, and public clouds to provide backups of the data. By creating an immutable storage environment, critical copies of data are “locked down” either in the near cloud or public cloud to ensure that ransom attacks don’t get to this data.

Learn more about VSP E series and how it delivers super-charged response times for your business-critical applications.

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