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Remote work made easy with Hitachi Vantara VDI Solutions and VSP E series

Continuous Productivity with Always-on VDI

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Ubiquity of remote workforce and virtual teams in a post-pandemic world is challenging businesses to rethink their IT strategy while empowering employees to achieve a competitive advantage. Managing data access, security and compliance with users scattered around the world presents unique challenges that must be addressed quickly and at a scale that matches the latest requirements of doing business remotely. Hitachi VDI solutions with Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E Series storage provide a scalable, secure, and always-on foundation to deliver a superior user experience while reducing the cost of virtual office operations and simplifying management.

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations for Your Digital Workspace

As VDI becomes a mission-critical application to support a distributed workforce, the infrastructure driving it matters more than ever. Improved agility with proven, high performance infrastructure delivers VDI projects faster for rapid employee onboarding and desktop rollout. Industry-leading data availability means all users have always-on access to applications and data. Hitachi Vantara VSP E Series delivers improved workforce efficiency with a better digital experience that boosts customer satisfaction and increases business productivity and profitability. A global standard in availability and reliability, Hitachi helps maximize employee productivity by ensuring non-stop access to corporate applications across devices and locations.

VDI implementations powered by the high performance, all-NVMe VSP E series deliver significantly more desktops per rack to drive superior ROI.

Deliver always-on desktops, securely for all users.

Secure Desktops Anywhere

Hitachi’s integrated mobile workspace solution leverages modern technologies to provide seamless access to applications and data for all remote employees while ensuring security, privacy, and intelligent data governance. Hitachi Vantara’s high performance VDI solution is designed to deliver an excellent experience for all users across locations, devices, and connections. Seamless device-independent collaboration increases employee productivity while providing full visibility and control over corporate data.

The solution provides superior visibility, control, and compliance of critical data assets. Designed for business continuity, even a site failure and failover is completely transparent to your users, assuring that your business is uninterrupted and protected from catastrophic events.

Exceptional User Experience for Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

High-performance workspace solutions provide the experience of a physical workstation while eliminating the issues with legacy VDI implementations. Hitachi Vantara VDI solutions deliver seamless access for all users across business applications and processes. Testing validates consistent, ultra-low latency delivered by all NVMe VSP E series storage systems. As shown below, even as the user density with demanding workforce grows, latency stays very low providing a consistent experience across the sessions and applications.

Legendary Hitachi Resilience

VSP E series builds on 58 years of proven Hitachi engineering experience, offering you a superior range of business continuity options that provide the best reliability in the industry. We back this up with the industry’s first and most comprehensive 100% data availability guarantee. As a result, 87% of Fortune 100 financial services companies trust Hitachi Vantara storage systems with their mission critical data.

Simplified Management

Built on an integrated AI-driven platform, Hitachi Ops Center delivers comprehensive management capabilities encompassing system management, end-to-end IT analytics, workflow automation and data protection for the entire VSP family and across the VDI lifecycle. Ops Center is uniquely positioned to deliver self-driving management operations to help enterprises transform their on-premise data resources with IT self-services to enable new hybrid infrastructures and facilitate a secondary storage bridge to the cloud.

Enhanced ROI

VDI solutions built on VSP E series storage platforms enable you to cost-effectively meet your users’ current digital expectations and scale to address future challenges as application data needs and service levels evolve. Proven enterprise-grade storage means increased VDI density and increased resource utilization. Testing confirms that the processor usage did not rise above 10% allowing the E series to support a higher number of desktops.


VSP E series provides fail-safe storage built upon the innovative technologies found in our high-end enterprise systems. With VSP E series storage, you can enjoy the same peace of mind and application availability that the largest enterprises in the world rely on in a compact, powerful package.

Experienced VDI Design Consulting and Support

Finding the right balance between user experience and resource efficiency can be complicated. Partner with confidence to design a scalable, simple and smart digital workspace. Hitachi Vantara’s team of VDI experts brings decades of experience in designing, deploying and supporting tens of thousands of VMware and Citrix desktops across the geographies and verticals.

Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure

Flexible resource consumption means you simply pay for how much end-user computing infrastructure you need, as you need it, when you need it. Hitachi EverFlex is the simple, elastic, and comprehensive way to acquire Hitachi Vantara VDI solutions and services - from storage products to remote monitoring services to fully managed VDI.

Comprehensive VDI Solutions for a Scalable, Simple and Smart Digital Workspace


  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Industry-leading performance for an excellent user experience
  • 100% data availability guarantee
  • Best-in-class design consulting and support
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Hitachi Vantara has become a trusted partner, delivering outstanding quality, stability, services as well as performance throughout our 30-year relationship.

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Head of IT Infrastructure at Suva

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