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Flex Your Business Innovation with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series

One Architecture. Singular Flexibility. Seamless Growth. Optimized Applications.


No business starts out with a goal of staying the same. Thriving across today’s competitive terrain requires businesses to grow and transcend the status quo or suffer mediocrity. But for IT generalists at a thriving business, managing the constant growth of mission-critical data can feel a bit like moving the world’s tectonic plates one rock at a time.

So how do you balance fluid business demands with seismic complexities, costs and protection challenges?

Rock Your Storage.

On The Brink Of Monolithic Data Management Challenges?

Digital information is today’s single most important business asset. The potential—the value—of an organization’s data is rising as fast as the volume of data. Reaping vital insights across customer patterns, preferences and purchases can drastically transform business success. This is true for the Fortune 100 company running a multitude of applications and databases, as well as the growing startup focusing on systems like Microsoft SQL Server.

Also climbing, however, are the digital expectations of your customers, your workforce, your supply chain. Consumers and staff alike need secure data access and transactional ease to accomplish work from anywhere, at any time, in myriad ways. No matter the circumstances.

IT is deeply challenged to deliver monumental results faster and better, whether on-premises in the cloud or at the edge, regardless of headcount, skillsets or budget constraints. Sound familiar? Your ability to manage, tap and protect digital assets is paramount to growing the business, but IT might be struggling to:

  • Meet mission-critical, data-hungry application SLAs
  • Accelerate business innovation and data-first strategies
  • Streamline a complete, secure and ubiquitous digital user experience
  • Align technology investments with business needs and desired outcomes
  • Diminish management and deployment complexities for cost-effective scale

Don’t Just Chip Away. Find Your Bedrock.

The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years.


Move Your Mountains With The Expansive Flexibility And Simplicity Of Hitachi Virtual Storage Portfolio E Series

The world is complicated. Managing global data doesn’t have to be. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E Series storage helps you conquer today’s infrastructure challenges so that you can launch tomorrow’s business victories.

The VSP E Series is a scalable, secure and always-on storage infrastructure family designed to harmonize agile task automation across digital ecosystems with the tools you already use, like Microsoft PowerShell.

Need to fast-track? Wield control and garner insights across all digital assets with cohesive, rock-solid architecture and embedded simplicity. The VSP E Series extends cloud services like Microsoft Azure to the environment of your choice. Our straightforward operational management suite anticipates, scales and protects when and where you need it—speeding your time to value.

We also invoke new levels of enterprise agility with the Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF). All of our VSP models share this powerful operating system in common, so you can manage and replicate your data seamlessly and avoid costly data siloes.

The VSP E Series exploits seamless efficiencies and elastic pay-as-you-grow choices. Sculpted with legendary Hitachi resilience and enterprise-level availability, performance and scale, the VSP E Series delivers the flexibility you need at a midrange price point.

VSP E Series: The Foundation For All Your Midrange Storage Needs.

Carve Your Future Now.
Midrange Storage Solutions You Can Trust.

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Flexible Storage Infrastructure From Hitachi Vantara. For All Your Midrange Workloads And Applications. Really.

Elevate your business success. Hitachi’s nimble, automated storage architecture builds upon the validated technologies in our high-end enterprise systems and the futureproof simplicity of AI-based management. Designed for the IT generalist, the VSP E Series features the power tools you want, the cost efficiencies you need.


Business success—and reputation—means delivering on your promises. We understand. Meet your uptime requirements with our 100% data availability guarantee. Legendary resilience is in our DNA and is backed by over 4,000 industry-leading storage patents, proactive alerts, no single points of failure and multiple levels of redundancy. The VSP E Series is fail-safe storage in a compact, robust package. Your data might not sleep, but you can.

Meet information availability demands. Alleviate your stress. A win-win.

RADICAL SIMPLICITY: Flexible Storage Management Choices.

You want management potency without hassle or specialized skills. VSP E Series has flexible data management options that map to your changing environment so you can spend less time on everyday administration. Inherent intuitive management is ideal for single-system environments and provides default configurations and rapid provisioning. Need more advanced self-driving control? Choose Hitachi Ops Center for comprehensive, AI-driven administration, telemetry analytics, automation and data protection capabilities across the entire VSP Family.

Choose the flexibility you crave. Manage the way you need. It's that simple.

If there is a loss of availability of data caused by a malfunction of the storage system that makes it unable to read or write data, we will credit your company for replacement equipment.

Hitachi Vantara has become a trusted partner, delivering outstanding quality, stability, services as well as performance throughout our 30-year relationship.

Christian Arn
Head of IT, Infrastructure at Suva

INSTANT RECOVERABILITY: Built-In Tools, Advanced Protection, Peace Of Mind.

Take advantage of Hitachi Ops Center Protector for a superior safety net. Recover from a data disaster or ransomware attack in seconds with application-aware snapshots, copy data management and public-cloud continuity. Tight integration and streamlined implementation with Microsoft technologies like SQL Server mean less risk and better availability for all your priority operations.

Stuff happens, but it doesn't have to ruin your day. Recoverability matters.

ELASTIC GROWTH: Scale Like A Superhero, No Cape Required.

Stabilize evolving data growth demands, fast. Critical for mixed workloads, SVOS RF allows you to choose your levels of data reduction (or none at all) on a per-volume basis. You won't waste resources trying to compress uncompressible data. Patented, adaptive data reduction (ADR) quickly compresses and optionally dedupes data, all while maintaining low latency for highest value per GB. Blend NVMe and SAS SSDs any way you wish to optimize workload performance, scale and cost. Use our 4:1 sight-unseen effective capacity guarantee for stellar value across digital media ecosystems.

Right-size fluctuating capacity and service levels with effortless, expandable upgrade paths.

OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: Satisfy Real-Time, Data-Hungry App Demands.

Still need maximum performance and low latency for non-reducible data volumes? No problem. Our single architecture delivers all-NVMe flash and hybrid-flash solutions so you can run internal and customer-facing workloads, databases, apps and hypervisors all together. Want performance dexterity for OLTP, new cloud initiatives, containerized applications or utility consumption models? The VSP E Series promotes platform agility and real cost savings (e.g., get more done with fewer, smaller servers) with predictable, super-charged performance and ultra-low latency. Our tests, run with a popular database engine and two 2-socket servers and a VSP E790, drove 222,687 transactions per second (TPS) at 0.93ms average latency with 30% updates—better than similar results run with four or more 2-socket servers and competitors' storage.

Balance performance and data efficiency. No compromise necessary.

Master Today’s Infrastructure Challenges. Deliver Tomorrow’s Business Innovation.

Hitachi VSP E Series is the simplest way to eradicate the complexities and costs growing as fast as your data. Advanced capabilities and built-in efficiencies enable you to:

Grow More With Less Headache.
One solution that meets your current digital expectation and scales to tackle future challenges

Accelerate Service Delivery Without More Headcount.
Cohesive easy-to-manage control, expansive visibility and fresh insights across data assets

Secure Everything, Constrain Nothing.
Unmatched data protection agility to safeguard your anywhere, anytime user experience

Trust Us To Move You Forward.
We’re with you all the way – on-prem, in-cloud, mission-critical, entry-to-enterprise

Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure Freedom

Flexible resource consumption means you pay for how much end-user computing infrastructure you need, as you need it, when you need it. Hitachi EverFlex helps you acquire the best storage technology in simple-to-understand, "as-a-service" consumption models.

Learn about Hitachi EverFlex Learn about Hitachi EverFlex
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