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Enterprise Storage

Superior Enterprise-Class Storage for the most demanding apps. Unrivaled speed, scale and availability trusted by 85% of Fortune 100 Enterprises.


Enterprise Scale-Out Data Platform

The VSP 5000 Series delivers up to 33M IOPS. Mixing NVMe and SAS flash to get the most economic $/GB rates available up to 69PB of capacity.

39μs Minimum Response Time
Optimized to accelerate application performance.
33M IOPS Performance
Accelerate IOPS with patented Hitachi Accelerated Fabric.
4:1 Effective Capacity Guaranteed
Guaranteed “sight unseen” with deduplication and compression.

Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure

See How Customers are Succeeding

VSP 5000 Enables Digital Transformation.

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Purchase Options


Choose from EverFlex Purchase, EverFlex Lease and cloud-like pay-per-use EverFlex Consumption.

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Mid-Size Enterprise

Future-proof with world-class, all-flash NVMe enterprise storage solutions that won't break the bank.

Performance (IOPS)
Performance (Bandwidth)
Max. Raw Internal Capacity
Max. Raw External Capacity
Total Efficency Guarantee
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