Your Big Data Journey

The Big Data Challenge

The Big Data Challenge

Are you looking to derive more value from one of your most important assets, data? To modernize your business, it’s important to unlock your data while overcoming common challenges at the same time.

Real-world examples show you how to overcome these issues so that you can deliver meaningful business outcomes.

The Final Frontier: The future of AI and its social implications


The Final Frontier: The brain, data analytics and the race to weigh the human soul

The use of big data in real-time government – the Andhra Pradesh case study

Smart spaces improve customer outcomes by blending existing and new data sources from the physical and digital worlds. It helps you make real-time, predictive, data-driven decisions.

Get better-quality data with Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara

Watch this session to get insights on:

  • The value of an easy-to-use interface with advanced capabilities for data engineering
  • How to correctly process data engineering
  • The collaboration between business analysts, data scientists and data engineers

The future outlook for data-driven businesses?


Are you missing the low-hanging fruit on your data-tree?

Get Smart: I.O.T., A.I. and the Drive To Innovate

Competition drives innovation. It lowers prices, improves quality and with the rise of “free information,” generates entirely new products. As Paul Collier writes in The Bottom Billion, small savings in the basic necessities of life can mark the difference between prosperity and suffering. Join us to hear how IoT and AI drive new efficiencies in energy production, agricultural output and medical care, and how these key technologies will help us transform the lives of billions of people.

Hitachi Vantara at BIG DATA WORLD 2019 London

Visitors and Hitachi Vantara colleagues share hot topics and insights from the event.

The Digital Nexus in Banking
The Digital Nexus in Banking

Gain insights on how financial services and banking executives involved in digital transformation can navigate big data, regulatory compliance, data security and compliance, and how Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform can help.

Why Financial Services Use Pentaho
Why Financial Services Use Pentaho

See how our customers – leading financial services institutions – respond to complex regulations and compete with new market disruptors in an increasingly challenging competitive environment.

13 Questions About RegTech
13 Questions About RegTech

As the landscape of global financial regulations constantly changes, RegTech remains important. In this video, Nirvana Farhadi of Hitachi Vantara answers 13 questions about the importance of RegTech in the financial services industry.

Hitachi Vantara on the changing IoT, big data and AI landscape

IoT, analytics and AI are not exactly new technologies. But now that companies have incorporated them into their business processes, and to various degrees, why are so many failing to achieve the outcomes they expected?

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