How the front-runners are scaling digital innovations

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The Secrets to Scaling Digital

Being successful at scaling digital depends on more than having the right technology. It encompasses your entire business ecosystem.

How do you scale digital?

Most organizations are now making substantial digital investments for differentiation and sustainable growth. Yet too many of them are stumbling when it comes to extending digital innovations at speed and at enterprise scale.

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of digital front-runners, learn what it means to scale your digital aspirations. Move beyond a one-off project or proof of concept to fully operationalize digital solutions and then embed digital mindsets and processes across the organization so that the solutions (and their offspring) are long-lasting and growth-creating.

Avoid some of the scaling pitfalls: Ineffectively triaging a proof of concept, failing to gain leadership commitment and funding, or improperly managing people and culture change. Remember, digital transformation is really enterprise transformation. Acknowledging that is one step toward success.

In this Point of View, you’ll learn:

  • How to move beyond the proof of concept
  • What challenges companies are facing
  • Who has been successful at scaling digital
  • Which strategies and tools market leaders use

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About the author

Chris Saul is Vice President, Global Strategy, Hitachi Consulting, working for the CEO to drive the global evolution of the company, advising the Board as well as Hitachi Digital Holdings and Social Innovation Business. Frequently published in thought-leadership papers and by analysts, he also leads the EMEA Strategy & Advisory Practice, helping clients and Hitachi firms to drive digital transformation, innovation and growth.

Prior to joining Hitachi, he held various Board / leadership roles spanning strategy, delivery, sales & marketing, operations and finance in three Fortune Global 500 companies and four mid-sized services firms, and additionally served in a number of Board advisory positions.