Hitachi VSP 5600 vs. Dell PowerMax 8500

In similar published performance benchmark comparisons, Hitachi VSP 5600 outperforms Dell's newest PowerMax 8500.1

Data File IOPS

Millions   of   IOPS


More Storage

System Bandwidth

GB/s   Bandwidth


Greater System Bandwidth

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

The most powerful enterprise scale-out, future-proof data platform.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

VSP 5000 Series Best Performing Storage in the   World

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    Support any workload from Open to Mainframe

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    Non-Disruptive, data-in-place migrations

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    Supported by a 100% Data Availability Guarantee

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    Smart Data Reduction: Up to 4:1 effective capacity, guaranteed “sight unseen” with hardware-accelerated, AI managed data reduction

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    Supports SAS SSD or HDD, NVMe and SCM drives

VSP 5600 vs. Dell PowerMax 8500

    (Published Specs)

    VSP 5600

    PowerMax 8500

  • Maximum Performance IOPS

    33 Million


  • Lowest Latency

    39 μs

    < 60 μs

  • System Bandwidth

    312 GB/s


  • Hardware Availability

    8 9’s   (99.999999)

    6 9’s   (99.9999)

  • Carbon Footprint Certified



  • Data Availability Guarantee

    100% Data Availability


  • Common OS and Data Services Across storage portfolio

    Yes yes

    No yes

  • Hybrid Storage Media SupportSCM, NVMe SSD & SAS SSD and SAS HDD

    Yes yes

    No yes

* Dell has not publicly disclosed performance metrics
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1Benchmark and source documents:

Benchmark comparison for:

  • Dell PowerMax 8500 running VDBench unspecified block size w/2:1 & dedupe. PT report lacks node count and cache size tested.
  • Dell documents claim their ADR implementation “provides negligible performance impact.”
  • Principled Technology states “We ran the test to achieve maximum performance, collecting IOPS and latency data from both storage solutions.”

Source documents: