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Lumada DataOps

Accelerate data-driven transformation. Deliver trusted data by optimizing your data fabric with an intelligent DataOps portfolio, to experience data from edge to multicloud.


Build a Modern DataOps Practice With Lumada Technology

DataOps unlocks business value by operationalizing data management with automation and collaboration. Lumada DataOps helps you build your DataOps practice for more business agility with an intelligent data operations platform.

15x Productivity With Automation
Fully automate scaling your data pipelines for increased business agility and lower cost using modern cloud data management.
10x Faster Production Deployment
Activate frequent production deployments through continuous integration and continuous delivery across a governed multicloud data fabric.
3x Improvement in Pipeline and Data Quality
Empower your business with self-service access, low-code blending, and publishing with automated data governance.

Innovate With Data

Lumada DataOps Portfolio

Data Integration and Analytics

Rapidly build and deploy data pipelines at scale with Pentaho technology. Integrate lakes, warehouses, and devices, and orchestrate data flows across all environments. Empower users to visualize and analyze data and embed impactful analytics.

  • Fast data onboarding
  • Easy data pipeline orchestration
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics

Data Catalog

Speed data discovery and metadata tagging, secure sensitive data, and infer hidden relationships with our enterprise data catalog. Gain new insights, improve quality, systematize compliance, and eliminate duplicate data.

  • Automatic data discovery
  • Data quality and trust
  • Sensitive data management

Lumada Industrial DataOps

Enable enterprise-wide industrial and operations data management and power advanced industrial IoT applications to provide reliable and actionable insights for operations workers.

  • Predict better and respond faster
  • Operationalize OT and IT data
  • Enable operations applications

Data Optimizer for Hadoop

Reduce Hadoop costs with an intelligent data tiering solution for seamless Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) access.

  • Intelligent HDFS tiering
  • Usage and business policies
  • No impact on business apps

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