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May 17, 2018

MyRepublic Accelerates Telcotech Strategy With Hitachi Vantara

SINGAPORE, May 17, 2018 – One of the fastest growing telecommunications operators in the Asia Pacific region, MyRepublic, has selected Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics platform to accelerate the company’s telecommunications technology strategy and enhance business operations in Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

With its uniquely scalable and centralized framework that allows seamless delivery of layered services, MyRepublic is driving digital transformation in the telecom industry. To expand further into the region and to launch mobile services on top of existing broadband services, MyRepublic uses the Pentaho platform to improve productivity around data storage and operational efficiency, and to provide enterprise-grade scalability.

"The implementation of Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho data integration and analytics has strengthened MyRepublic’s telcotech strategy across the region, which will help us to scale quickly and expand our offerings to other markets in the future. While we have made significant manpower savings, the bigger benefit is the robust data pipeline we’ve been able to build. Pentaho allows us to add data to this pipeline rapidly, which is important to this vision. Similar to what fintech players achieved with the financial services industry, it paves the way for us to create new data monetization models that will lead to further innovation in the industry," said Eugene Yeo, group chief information officer, MyRepublic.

With the Pentaho platform, MyRepublic was able to integrate and blend data from disparate sources and then create the necessary dashboards with just two software engineers. The result was a 75% savings on human power.

One of the key tenets of MyRepublic’s telcotech vision is providing telecommunications operators with the ability to enter markets quickly and provide services rapidly. Integrating Pentaho’s open platform and using its extensive library of prebuilt components for data ingestion and processing help MyRepublic deliver on this promise.

Pentaho also allows MyRepublic to easily embed dashboards within its BOSS, CRM and back-office systems so that users can access insights while working within the operational systems. With increased resources, the company has been able to develop further enhancements, including a mobile app geared to their senior management for managing operational KPIs.

"MyRepublic is disrupting the traditional telco market with the introduction of telcotech, which uses data and new open-source technologies, analytics and machine learning to disrupt traditional industry models. They chose to use Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho software because of its open platform and extensive data integration connectors, which meant that MyRepublic can build on top of a data-management platform and go to market faster," said Salmon Sim, regional vice president, big data and IOT analytics, Hitachi Vantara Asia Pacific.

Looking forward, MyRepublic plans to continue partnering with Hitachi Vantara to expand its use of Pentaho to drive more savings and new revenue streams. Planned launches of mobility services in various markets will see MyRepublic capture up to 100 times more data that can be monetized or used to drive new products and services.

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