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Data Integration and Analytics

Pentaho 推动

An end-to-end data integration and analytics platform powered by Pentaho to manage data at scale for rapid business innovation, ease of use, and self-service automation and orchestration.

Accelerate your modernization journey with Pentaho by rapidly building and deploying data pipelines for intelligent automation.

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Onboard, Prepare and Activate Data Faster with Pentaho


Onboard hundreds of varied on-premises, cloud, and edge data sources efficiently and quickly with modern data integration.


No-code functionality versus hand-coding data pipelines using an easy drag and drop interface for on-premises and cloud Hadoop data lake integration.


Produce stellar reports with intuitive processes and seamless integration that enhance user experiences, reduce data management costs, and create business value.

Pentaho 驱动的强大数据集成和分析功能

  • Accelerated Data Onboarding

    Deliver analytics-ready data with broad connectivity to virtually any data source or application, drag-and-drop interface to create data pipelines and templates that execute edge to cloud.

  • Flexible Data Self-Service

    Powerful transformation engine that offers high-performance  capabilities allowing users to easily visualize, blend and connect to data anywhere on-premises or any cloud including Azure, AWS and GCP.

  • Robust Dataflow Orchestration

    Seamlessly switch between native Kettle and Spark engines, operationalize R, Python, Scala and Weka based AI/ML models.

  • Business Analytics powered by Pentaho

    Deliver analytics in modern data architectures for increased  access and adoption.

  • Embedded Business Analytics

    Enhance usability, value and competitive differentiation of information-centric software and packaged applications.

  • Metadata Injection

    Accelerate complex onboarding projects by re-using same transformation for multiple projects.

了解 Pentaho

Manage fast-growing volumes, variety and velocity of data with a data orchestration tool that reduces time and complexity of building and maintaining analytic data pipelines. Use analytics with powerful and cost-effective customized reporting and dashboarding capabilities. 

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“Pentaho delivered a feature-rich product to the market in just eight weeks.”

Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Business Intelligence Engineer, Marketo

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“Hitachi Vantara has shown that it’s a true partner to customers. Pentaho is a great tool that’s evolved to meet the challenges of real people.”

Jude Vanniasinghe

Jude Vanniasinghe

Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Bell Business Markets Shared Services, Bell Canada

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“Regardless of data size, Pentaho helps us make prudent decisions enabling us to compete.”

Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss

Senior Software Engineer, Nasdaq OMX

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Pentaho 企业版 Pentaho 社区版

Compare the key feature differences.

Features Pentaho
Enterprise Edition
Community Edition
Codeless Pipeline Development
Enterprise-scale load balancing & scheduling
Streaming data support
Easy kettle to spark execution
Expanded library of connectors
Data science toolkit
Professional services packages
IP protection
Connector support for cloud, big data,
streaming, data catalog
Enterprise components for
business analytics
Report capabilities
Pentaho user console
Meta Data Injection At Scale
Full Meta Editor
Data Source Wizard
Schema Workbench
Technical support options 24/7 availability; Assigned
Architect; Mentoring
Forums, Community,
How-to Videos
Release schedule Major releases, security
See Comparison Try Pentaho Community


DataOps Helps Organizations Unlock Data Value

BI and Analytics in the Age of AI and Big Data

Unlock Data-Driven Operational Efficiency

Access, Prepare and Blend varied data sources

Dataflow Studio

Business Analytics powered by Pentaho

Faster Onboarding

Streamline Machine Learning Orchestration

Drive Ad-hoc Analysis with Interactive Visualizations Using a Flexible Drag-and-Drop Designer and Robust Operational Self-Service Reporting

Embedded Analytics 

Metadata Injection

Deliver Data into Decisions with Pentaho 9.3

Understand Participation at a Fundraising Event

Follow the Music Trends of an Online Music Streaming Platform

Analyze Sales and Profit of a Large Transportation Producer

Gather sales information of a major phone retailer

Deliver high-value fitness data to healthcare institutions

Monitor crime activity in Chicago for the last 13 years

Integration with Lumada DataOps Data Catalog

Integration with Google Dataproc


Innovate faster with data integration solutions that reduce sources of friction


Fully automate scaling your data operations for increased agility and lower cost for automated data integration

Leverage Hadoop in the Analytic Data Pipeline

Unlock Big Data Value

Experience the Power of Pentaho

With the power of Pentaho you can rapidly build and deploy data pipelines for end-to-end data integration and analytics at enterprise scale. Integrate data lakes, data warehouses, and devices, and orchestrate data integration flow across all environments.
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