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Hitachi Content Software for File

Data Platform for AI & HPC.

Blazing fast distributed file system for high-performance computing, AI, ML, and analytics workloads. Amazingly simple and highly scalable.

Learn about the challenges faced by organizations as they embark on AI/ML & analytics, and how Hitachi Content Software for File helps mitigate these.

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Improvement in AI training time

Increase data scientist productivity with up to 90% improvement in deep learning epoch time, extract insights from data quicker..


Improved ROI of underutilized resources

Improve ROI of specialized devices, real-time applications, and reduce workload wall clock time by 75% or more compared to local SSD storage.


Storage cost savings

Achieve storage cost savings by more than 65% leveraging shared storage instead of traditional High-Performance Computing or HPC clusters using individual drives

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Hitachi File and Object Capabilities

Hitachi Content Platform
High-performing, scale-out object storage software with diverse data-source connectors gives structure to all your unstructured data.
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Hitachi NAS Platform
Reduce complexity with our robust, reliable, efficient, and high-performance Network Attached Storage technology.
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Hitachi Content Platform Gateway
Extend your Hitachi Content Platform to deliver elastic, scalable, backup-free file services outside the data center.
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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
A secure, smart digital workplace that mobilizes, protects, syncs and shares data anywhere, anytime on any device.
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Hitachi Content Intelligence
Intelligent data discovery, transformation and orchestration improves productivity and reveals business insights.
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“If a client is looking for a beast of a platform that can really outperform anything else in the industry…”

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Resources & Insights

Deploy a scalable distributed file system – rapidly, easily, and affordably.

Speed up analytics workloads with Hitachi Content Software for File for financial services.

GPU Accelerated Insights with Hitachi Content Software for File and SQream

ESG Technical Review – Hitachi Content Software for File

AI-based data analytics enable business insight

MIT Technology Review: AI-based data analytics enable business insight


A true Multi-Cloud strategy begins with a highly available, performant, and scalable cloud platform.


Storage must extend beyond the walls of the enterprise, to the hybrid cloud, and the edge.

Issues with Data Driven

Enterprises are embracing the value of services as part of a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

Hitachi Enables Real Time Analytics and Data Lake Platform for Manufacturing

Hitachi Content Software for File Enables Next-Generation Media Platform

Quick Demo: Learn about Hitachi Content Software for File’s multi-protocol support.

Quick Demo of Hitachi Content Software for File Fundamentals: File System Basics

Accelerate High Performance Workloads

Find out why the worlds top companies are using Hitachi Content Software for File to accelerate AI, ML, HPC, and big data applications.
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