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Future-Proof Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Increased agility. Lower costs. High availability. Explore how we can help you achieve a flexible hybrid cloud ecosystem that meets your needs now – and in the future.

Helping you define a path to hybrid cloud

Hitachi hybrid cloud solutions enable you to choose the workload placement platform that is right for you – one that optimizes performance, cost, compliance, availability, security, and scalability. Flexibly deploy and manage your workloads and achieve a balanced architecture seamlessly spanning on-premises, hyperscalers, managed co-locations, edge, and offline sites. Leverage the simplicity of working with a single partner who can support your end-to-end hybrid cloud transformation.

Providing end-to-end cloud infrastructure (on-premises, edge, managed co-location) as well as access to cloud services across hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, Google).

Top Ten Reasons Why Businesses are Moving to Hybrid Cloud

Combining IT infrastructure, analytics, and consulting services to help you design and support a right-sized hybrid cloud solution.

Driving ROI with Hitachi hyperconverged infrastructure: Forrester economic study

Enabling everything-in-one-place management of converged, hyperconverged, cloud foundation, and storage (converged mode) solutions.

Leverage HCI to accelerate data center agility & hybrid cloud workflows


Data availability guarantee


Customers spanning across industries


of the Fortune Global 500 choose Hitachi Vantara

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Insights into hybrid cloud transformation

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The hybrid cloud future and the role of application modernization

Hybrid cloud IT enables companies to accelerate time to market and spur innovation

Features & Benefits

Innovate anywhere. Accelerate production. Optimize costs.

How can you optimize your use of cloud resources? Seamlessly scale storage capacity to adapt to fluctuating workloads. Automatically tier and archive data based on usage patterns. Ensure rapid data backup and disaster recovery.

“We had dozens and dozens of data centers… and as we adopted this cloud strategy we were basically able to migrate those applications and workloads and portfolios to our private cloud with Hitachi. And that allowed us to start to shut down our other data centers and reduce our footprint.”

Michael Mathews, CIO, Deluxe

What helps you efficiently build and run cloud-native apps? Develop and test in the cloud without impacting production data systems on premises. Simplify data migration between on-premises and cloud environments.

“Our single-vendor private cloud strategy with Hitachi Vantara has helped our IT team become an internal innovation partner for our business departments. Thanks to fast and efficient Hitachi Vantara solutions, we can deliver next-generation IT applications and facilitate business transformation.”

Urs Lüchinger, Head of IT Infrastructure Backend

What will help you enhance your agility? Leverage the cost effectiveness of cloud storage while keeping performance-critical data on premises. Facilitate collaboration across global teams with data accessible from anywhere.

“BOE Technology Group needed to transform its work and operations by implementing a new, more agile virtual desktop cloud environment. With Hitachi solutions and services, we were able to achieve this.”

SONG Jian, Deputy Director, Information Management Department

We don’t go it alone. Neither should you.

With a focus on advanced automation, comprehensive data services, and self-service enablement, our solutions are developed in partnership with proven industry leaders.


Combine the power of VMware solutions and Hitachi Vantara, for seamless integration, maximum infrastructure efficiency, and reliability.

Red Hat

Blend Red Hat’s open-source expertise with our data solutions for unparalleled agility.


Leverage Cisco's networking strength, complementing our vast data management capabilities.


Enhance cloud storage and computing with AWS, bolstering Hitachi Vantara's data reach, cloud proficiency, and edge technology.

Google Web Service

Tap into Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning and data analytics to scale, secure, and optimize your operations.


Maximize cloud integration with Azure, mirroring Hitachi Vantara's commitment to scalability.


Benefit from Equinix's global interconnectivity, reinforcing our data-centric infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are evolving from monolithic to microservices for faster delivery, competitiveness, and innovation. Hybrid cloud platforms empower your in-house team to create and combine these microservices, like LEGO blocks, for agile product development that can keep up with — and innovate past — the competition.

Public cloud gives you the tools you need to effortlessly scale by creating new microservices on-site or off-site during peak demand. It also gives you the flexibility to integrate public cloud services into your applications. For instance, you can use a public cloud's transcription service to convert voice recordings into text, saving you from building it in-house.

This hybrid approach is gaining popularity among companies, allowing them to accelerate the development of applications and gain a competitive edge.

For many companies, the last five years have been all about testing containerized applications and running proofs of concept. But now, hybrid cloud solutions are starting to become more mainstream and are being adopted in enterprise data centers around the world. In fact, industry analysts have predicted that within the next year, a growing number of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production.

However, there remains concern about operational complexity in areas such as security, monitoring, data management, and networking. This issue must be addressed before public cloud services can be used with next-gen applications created by internal development teams.

Resources & Insights

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