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Future-Proof Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Increased agility. Lower costs. High availability. Explore how we can help you achieve a flexible hybrid cloud ecosystem that meets your needs now – and in the future.

A modern, automated cloud experience for consuming infrastructure

Hitachi is a trusted partner in industries such as Banking and Financial Services for Private Cloud, combining the performance and control of on premises infrastructure with the seamless experience, flexibility and scalability of public cloud. Improve your cost structure into an OpEx consumption model with heterogeneous orchestration and flexible software defined infrastructure that is located where you need it in your hybrid cloud estate.

Reduce Cost and Optimize IT Operations with flexible consumption, automation and Guaranteed IT SLAs

Maximum IT agility through an ever-flexible OpEx model

Transform traditional data infrastructure into a business enabling private cloud

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses are Moving to Hybrid Cloud

Create a seamless cloud experience by integrating private and public cloud environments

Next-Gen IT Operations Management for Hybrid Cloud

Enabling everything-in-one-place management of converged, hyperconverged, cloud foundation, and storage (converged mode) solutions.

Simplify IT management with Hitachi UCP Advisor


Data availability guarantee


Customers spanning across industries


of the Fortune Global 500 choose Hitachi Vantara

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Hybrid cloud IT enables companies to accelerate time to market and spur innovation

Features & Benefits

Innovate anywhere. Accelerate production. Optimize costs.

Access High-performance and resilient  Software Defined Infrastructure with built-in AI-powered automation.

Virtual Storage Platform One

“BOE Technology Group needed to transform its work and operations by implementing a new, more agile virtual desktop cloud environment. With Hitachi solutions and services, we were able to achieve this.”

SONG Jian, Deputy Director, Information Management Department

Innovate faster with rapid self service access to cloud resources through a unified management plane, workload mobility and cloud integration APIs.

Hitachi Converged and Hyperconverged Solutions

“We had dozens and dozens of data centers… and as we adopted this cloud strategy we were basically able to migrate those applications and workloads and portfolios to our private cloud with Hitachi. And that allowed us to start to shut down our other data centers and reduce our footprint.”

Michael Mathews, CIO, Deluxe

Reign in total cost of ownership across the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure estate, freeing up smart investment in the business.

Hitachi EverFlex IaaS portfolio

“Our single-vendor private cloud strategy with Hitachi Vantara has helped our IT team become an internal innovation partner for our business departments. Thanks to fast and efficient Hitachi Vantara solutions, we can deliver next-generation IT applications and facilitate business transformation.”

Urs Lüchinger, Head of IT Infrastructure Backend

Frequently Asked Questions

A hybrid cloud infrastructure combines public cloud services, private cloud (or third-party) services, and on-premises services1. It allows organizations to leverage the benefits of both public cloud computing and tightly controlled private infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud architecture involves combining a public cloud with either a private cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Companies use this approach to balance the power of public cloud computing with more controlled private resources.

  • Storage Solutions: Robust storage solutions are essential for hybrid clouds. These include object storage, block storage, and file storage.
  • Virtualization: Virtualization is the cornerstone technology for many hybrid clouds. It allows you to create virtual instances of servers, storage, and networking components.
  • Containerization: Containers provide lightweight, isolated runtime environments for applications. Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes allow you to package applications and their dependencies into portable containers.
  • Bare Metal Servers: Bare metal servers offer the performance benefits of physical servers without the overhead of virtualization.
  • API Gateways:  API gateways facilitate seamless interaction by providing standardized interfaces for services and applications.

Resources & Insights

Unleash your data's full potential with Virtual Storage Platform One, a next-generation, all-in-one solution.

Pair Hitachi infrastructure with UCP and Red Hat OpenShift for a dynamic, high-performance container app ecosystem

Fortify your data future with Cisco and Hitachi adaptive solutions for unmatched cloud-scale results

Navigate and manage hybrid cloud with Hitachi Cloud Connect for Equinix, amplifying IT while safeguarding critical data

Elevate innovation and ensure consistent operations with Google Anthos for container orchestration and management

Revitalize your infrastructure for a future-focused hybrid cloud, simplifying management so you zero in on innovation

With Storage as a Service from Hitachi Vantara (STaaS), your business can successfully balance storage agility with cost-savings and risk reduction.

Maximize business value and ROI by leveraging Managed Services expertise across your enterprise

Hitachi EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud drives flexibility and agility to power innovation across your hybrid cloud estate