Now is the time: Modernize infrastructure to meet critical IT management challenges

Hitachi Ops Center

Modernize and optimize with AIOps

With Hitachi Ops Center, you can accelerate automation, provisioning, analytics, and protection to modernize management of your data infrastructure and improve IT operational efficiencies.

Accelerate automation

Manage your data infrastructure with a unified management suite to improve IT agility. Gain operational insights to make informed decisions and meet required service levels. Automate new resource delivery with best practices to lower risks and speed innovation. Simplify data security and recovery operations to ensure your data is protected.

Use Hitachi’s AIOps-enabled management suite to provision, optimize, orchestrate, and protect your data resources.

How to achieve AI-driven data center operations

Gain global observability insights to improve capacity planning, system health and risk management.

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight, Explained

Streamline automated application-specific storage resource delivery in less time and with less risk.

How automation yields efficiency and resiliency benefits

Integrated management capabilities to unlock the power of your data

System Configuration: Hitachi Ops Center Administrator

Reduce management complexities, easily configuring and aligning storage resources to business needs.

Performance Analytics: Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer

Analyze resource performance, end-to-end, from virtual machines to storage resources to prescribe, predict, and optimize.

Workflow Automation: Hitachi Ops Center Automator

Accelerate your data infrastructure automation and simplify IT operations, freeing staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Data Protection: Hitachi Ops Center Protector

Achieve modern data protection and recovery operations with enterprise copy data management.

Observability: Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight

Minimize time spent on monitoring your storage environment, with automated, cloud-based observability.

Optimize the data center with AIOps

The impact of AI is being felt everywhere, including the data center. Learn how Hitachi Vantara can help you get started.

“2020 was a crucial year, it reinforced the importance of our digital services. With our migration to All Flash, we gained better response time. Now we can provide better agility in our services and optimize the customer experience.”
Dario Kuceki Knopfholz Information Systems Infrastructure Technology Coordinator
“Thanks to Hitachi Ops Center, our storage landscape has become one of the easiest parts of our infrastructure to manage.”
Deniz Armen Cloud Data Storage Technologies Manager, Garanti BBVA
“The full-flash solution Hitachi VSP E590 is a great fit for our business needs as a medium-sized company with a wide range of systems and applications.”
Gerd Schachinger Head of IT Infrastructure, HAINZL

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How to achieve AI-driven data center operations

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