Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Enterprise Global File System

HCP Anywhere Enterprise

Deliver File Storage from Edge to Cloud

Modernize your distributed organization with a file-based content collaboration platform that doesn't compromise on performance or protection.

Introducing the Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

An overview of the challenges organizations face around unstructured data and how the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio can address them.

File from Edge to Core to Cloud

Explore Hitachi File Solutions

File storage

File Gateway

Access modern file services to seamlessly manage distributed infrastructure, content collaboration, data protection, and automating controls.


Parallel File for AI & HPC

Leverage a blazing fast distributed file system for high-performance computing (HPC), AI, ML, and analytics workloads.

File storage

Network Attached Storage

Reduce complexity with our robust, reliable, efficient, and high-performance Network Attached Storage technology.

File storage that’s ideal for HPC, AI/ML and analytics

ESG found Hitachi Content Software for File to be well-suited to the most performance-sensitive and resource-intensive applications IT faces today.

Real World Applications

Power file-based initiatives across industries

From financial services to government and defense to media and life sciences, modern file storage services drive faster time to insight and higher ROI.

Leverage analytics and AI for advantage

Financial services firms accelerate insights for better investment strategies and improved risk analysis.

Harness military-grade file storage security

Government and defense agencies advance modernization initiatives with secure file services.

Supercharge life science R&D projects

Life sciences companies eliminate bottlenecks and speed big data workloads with a modern data platform.

File storage resources

Learn how to eliminate complexity, cost, and delay in configuring a distributed file system from multiple sources

Unpack how to set up a multi-tenant, multi-cloud file solution to provide NAS services to clients in distinct clouds

Explore the benefits of Hitachi Network Attached Storage (HNAS) unstructured file, object and block storage solutions

Learn how to eliminate complexity, cost, and delay in configuring a distributed file system from multiple sources

Identify and halt ransomware attacks in real time, and instantly recover any locked data via immutable snapshots

Enhance storage monitoring for HCP with Hitachi Content Monitor

Build a multi-tenancy, multi-cloud file solution with Hitachi Network attached Storage (HNAS)

See how media and entertainment organizations elevate user efficiency and productivity via global file services

Deploy a scalable distributed file system – rapidly, easily, and affordably