Hitachi Vantara VSP 5600 ranked 1st again in online transaction processing.

Primary Block Storage

Take Control of Your Data

Leverage high-performance block storage solutions to meet and exceed your organization's critical data needs.

Elevate your data infrastructure

From industry-leading reliability and performance to unrivaled scalability and cost efficiency, the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform solutions are designed to empower your organization with the ultimate data management experience.

Meet your eco-friendly goals with sustainable storage

As the only storage vendor certified by Carbon Footprint for Products, we follow strict energy-efficient protocols to design infrastructure solutions that cut energy consumption without compromising performance.

Gijima Delights Clients With High-Performing, Sustainable Solutions from Hitachi

“The upgrade path was so much easier with Hitachi Vantara’s non-disruptive migration tools, compared to the competition.”

Marais De Bod, Team Leader: Technical Solution Engineer, Gijima

Infrastructure that adapts to your apps and data

Flexibly meet the needs of your application workloads now and in the future with a modern, edge-to-cloud infrastructure that delivers agility, efficiency and resiliency.

Your Infrastructure, Your Way

No compromises, just best-in-class capabilities

Enhance agility and efficiency with enterprise-grade IT capabilities that don’t break the bank.

Enterprise-class, not second-class

Kari Byron, of MythBusters puts Hitachi Vantara to the test.

Unbreakable? Kari Byron takes on Hitachi Vantara

You may know her from MythBusters: she’s the one who “likes to test things.” What happens when Kari puts Hitachi Vantara to the test and takes on major data challenges? Watch and see!

Harness the reliability, support and integration of Hitachi VSP

Reliable storage solutions, customer-centric support, seamless integration, and competitive pricing for unmatched value in the industry. Hitachi VSP Is truly in a league of its own.

Customers love how Hitachi VSP outshines the competition

See how Hitachi VSP storage products get top marks from our customers.

Hitachi VSP E series outperforms midrange storage challengers

Compare Hitachi VSP midrange storage products to top competitors.

Hitachi VSP 5600 delivers market-leading performance, scale, and availability

Check out a head-to-head comparison of Hitachi VSP 5600 vs. Dell PowerMax 8000.

Primary Block Storage Portfolio Capabilities

Maximize your data’s potential

100% availability, 100% of the time

Hitachi Vantara's enterprise NVMe data platform reliably delivers more data with more speed — all with a 100% data availability guarantee so your 24/7 operations are always up and running.

DenizBank Continues to Put Customers First With Hitachi Vantara

“With the Hitachi Vantara storage solution, we can support continued growth without compromising our customer-first philosophy.”

Hakan Ates, CEO, DenizBank

Unmatched capacity, without cutting corners

Unlock enterprise storage choices on a midrange budget: opt for NVMe, hybrid-flash, or all-flash with versatile data capabilities.

Netic Delivers Fast, Highly Available IT Services With Hitachi Storage

"The Hitachi VSP E590 platform gives us access to enterprise-class functionality at a midrange price point. That means we can provide our customers with highly cost-effective storage infrastructures without compromising on performance or availability.”

Steen Jensen, CEO, Netic

Ultimate flash OS resilience

Experience the most resilient storage operating system built to improve your uptime and reduce latency across block, file, and mainframe workloads.

Simplify Compliance and Improve Productivity

“The architecture proposed by Hitachi Vantara and deployed by BRB has set the benchmark in the Brazilian IT market due to its reliability and the peace of mind it provides in terms of availability and performance for the computing environment.”

Braulio Lourenço da Silva Junior, Infrastructure and Storage Platform Manager, Banco de Brasília (BRB)

Enhanced IT operational efficiencies

Unify management of your data infrastructure with integrated automation, analytics, and protection. 

Garanti BBVA Harnesses Automation To Make Storage Management Easy

“Thanks to Hitachi Ops Center, our storage landscape has become one of the easiest parts of our infrastructure to manage.”

Deniz Armen, Cloud Data Storage Technologies Manager, Garanti BBVA


Potential reduction in carbon footprint


TCO saving over the next 10 years

30 mins

To get your VSP up and running

Frequently Asked Questions

Any organization that relies on high-performance, mission-critical enterprise applications and databases can benefit from Hitachi Vantara's primary block storage solutions.

Hitachi Vantara offers a full range of storage products and our experts can provide guidance based on your specific data management requirements and application workloads.

Hitachi Vantara offers comprehensive support and maintenance services, including 24/7 technical support, software updates, and remote monitoring, ensuring the continuous operations and reliability of its primary block storage solutions.

Hitachi Vantara's primary block storage solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures, allowing businesses to leverage their current setups through industry standards while enhancing data performance and scalability.

Hitachi Vantara's primary block storage solutions are designed for seamless integration with cloud environments, enabling businesses to extend their storage capabilities from the data center to the cloud and adopt hybrid or multi-cloud strategies.

“We looked for a partner to help us through this long and complex project. We wanted professionalism, originality, flexibility, honesty, and endless patience. In Hitachi Vantara, we found what we needed.”
Efraim Eckerling VP, Chief Procurement Officer, Migdal
“With Hitachi Vantara, we’re more of a team. They come in and they understand our business, they understand our pain points, so their solutions are tailored to what we need.”
Ryan Rady Infrastructure Architect Executive, National Government Services

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