Midrange Storage: VSP E Series

Power Forward with Modern Data Storage

Discover the infrastructure solutions that deliver the right combination of proven performance, powerful management, and predictable pricing.

Why Choose VSP E Series

Performance, agility, and sustainability for what’s now and what’s next

With flexible infrastructure management, 100% guaranteed data availability, and future-proof energy efficiency and scalability, our midrange storage solutions help you build the foundation for business growth and innovation.

Reap high-end benefits with a midrange storage solution.

Unlock enterprise-class storage choices on a midrange budget: an all in, hybrid-flash storage appliance with versatile data capabilities available as a compact 2U or 4U form factor.

World class infrastructure for real world budgets

A future-proof storage foundation means engineering for optimal energy efficiency.

We offer the only midrange storage that’s both ENERGY STAR and third-party CFP certified across all products – all while maintaining superior performance and 100% data availability.

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Any Way You Slice It, VSP Has No Equals

Hitachi VSP E1090 vs. Dell PowerMax and PowerStore

SQL workload performance matters for your business every day.  A head-to-head comparison with Dell midrange and enterprise systems shows why.

Hitachi VSP E Series vs. Midrange Storage Challengers

When you compare the VSP E Series to midrange options from Dell, Pure, IBM and HPE, one thing is clear. Not all midrange storage systems are created equal.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t

Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series supercharges performance for business applications, while also meeting data efficiency needs with a simple-to-manage platform.


The entire VSP portfolio shares the same operating system and data services for consistent, simple, and streamlined application delivery, with savings up to 90%.


Scale out with nondisruptive workload mobility across the cluster — up to 65 nodes and 130 controllers.


Reduce manual tasks up to 70% with automated admin, analytics, and protection.


AI-powered software tools simplify management and improve IT operational efficiencies.


Advanced data reduction technology offers a 4:1 data-reduction guarantee, freeing capacity across your entire environment.

See how VSP E Series customers are building a future-proof data storage foundation

“The full-flash solution Hitachi VSP E590 is a great fit for our business needs as a medium-sized company with a wide range of systems and applications.”
Gerd Schachinger Head of IT Infrastructure, HAINZL
“Thanks to Hitachi Ops Center, our storage landscape has become one of the easiest parts of our infrastructure to manage.”
Deniz Armen Cloud Data Storage Technologies Manager, Garanti BBVA

Our Digital Infrastructure Guru is here to help.

Configure your dream midrange solution with our Digital Infrastructure Guru, an online selector tool that helps you determine which array is best suited to meet your needs.

Game-changing Storage Products

Build a future-proof data storage foundation with VSP E Series

Hitachi VSP E590

Superior power at a mid-range price. Effective capacity up to 44-178TB based on config., 144PB max raw capacity (virtualized) & up to 4M IOPS/latency as low as 66uS. All with our pioneering 100% data availability guarantee.

Hitachi VSP E790

Take the VSP E Series and turn it up to 11. Effective capacity up to 89-357TB based on config., 144PB max raw capacity (virtualized) & up to 6.8M IOPS/latency as low as 66uS. All with our 100% data availability guarantee.

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