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See how Infosys supercharges application performance with Hitachi

Enterprise Applications

Modernize and Accelerate Business Apps

Seize competitive advantage with modern data infrastructure that meets the performance and reliability challenges of today's business-critical workloads.

Transform your business with agile infrastructure

Deploy infrastructure optimized to deliver the right data to all your applications, from edge to cloud. Speed time to insight, respond to opportunities faster, and support new use cases at any scale.

Unlock application power

Drive benefits from key business applications with integrated, cost-effective application platforms.

Elevate database performance

Take business-critical databases to new heights with guaranteed 100% availability for application infrastructure.

Modernize SAP infrastructure

Boost efficiency, speed deployment, and automate bare metal or virtualized SAP infrastructure to lower costs.

Enterprise Applications

Explore Hitachi solutions for IT modernization

Achieve cloud flexibility and 100% availability with integrated application infrastructure for data-driven organizations.

Consistent performance, observability, and compliance

Leverage Hitachi’s end-to-end solutions for SAP HANA to help drive digital transformation.

Maximized SAP HANA ROI

Learn how Hitachi Content Platform and Splunk SmartStore can optimize Splunk environments and lower costs.

Automation made easy

Create virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions providing virtual desktops for modern enterprises and lower TCO.

Modernized Splunk workflow

Simplify management and control the costs of file services with cloud-based object storage.

Better protected, better managed data

Give cloud application developers the right tools to gain visibility and control and accelerate business outcomes.

An infinitely scalable cloud platform

Retire legacy app data to a central repository to enable comprehensive searches and continued data access.

Relocated apps, retained access

See how Hitachi VMware adapters enable easy ecosystem integration to automate VMware management and operations.

Automation made easy