GigaOm Radar again names Hitachi Vantara a Leader

Unified Unstructured Data

Building a Data Foundation for Innovation

Unstructured data management is critical: We have storage and intelligence solutions to store, manage, and protect unstructured data, whether it’s file or object.

Transform your data experience

Break down data silos through data and infrastructure intelligence and automation.

Gaining data and infrastructure intelligence is the first step to transforming your data experience. Knowing more about your data empowers you to make informed decisions and automate processes across the unstructured data storage landscape.

Build a foundation for self-driving, autonomous operations for file, and object storage.

Access a fully-featured automation platform with integrated data protection, powered by machine learning analytics, gives you the best data administration software in the industry.

Modernize management of your data infrastructure and improve IT operational efficiencies.

Adapt to changing performance and storage demands with the flexibility to choose the payment models that are right for you.

Balance capacity, performance, and budget with a choice of consumption and deployment models.

Intelligent Integration

Turn data innovation into business value


Unmatched efficiency, reliability, and security aligned to customers business, data and services


Hitachi iQ : Integrated AI solution portfolio embedded intelligence across hybrid cloud developer community of GenAI Companions

Consumption Services

Solutions through ecosystem of integrated ISVs guaranteed IT Ops SLAs

Data Orchestration

API-first open data and control planes automaton and storage-as-code

Data Protection, Governance

Data compliance, data privacy, data lifecycle management, security, and unbreakable guarantees


Automation and efficiencies at scale for sustainability and observability

Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

One data plane, one control plane – appliance, SWDS, and cloud sustainability by design

Integrated Solutions

Storage, compute, networking architectures and applications with ISV ecosystem

IaaS - EverFlex

Consumption and deployment choice ensuring scalable flexibility across hybrid cloud managed, on-demand, custom

Unstructured Data Management

Accelerate Workloads with Simplicity and Scale

ESG Technical Review

Modernize with consistent performance at scale while lowering costs.

Save with Cloud Repatriation

Optimize unstructured data storage across public and private clouds.

Manage Data Efficiently

Unify data across clouds with software-defined infrastructure.

Secure, confident data flexibility

With data proliferation and always-on demand increasing, we can help you get the most out of your data while keeping it safe.

Cyber Resiliency and Ransomware

Prevent disruptions and data loss now and in the future with unprecedented resiliency and predictable recovery.

Data Protection and Cyber Resiliency

Optimize backups, reduce costs, maximize performance, and mitigate risks, regardless of your preferred data protection vendor.

Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Secure critical data and gain effective visibility and control over your workflows with intelligent data governance.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Protect data and meet privacy and compliance objectives with a deep understanding of all your data assets.

Remote Branch Office and End-user Content Governance

Increase productivity and control via secure, cost-effective global data services and integrated data protection.

Sustainable, eternity designed mindset

Respond to fluctuating renewable power generation and achieve dynamic workload control.


Improved storage efficiency

True success partners

“What I found is there’s a good cultural fit with Hitachi. Hitachi cares about what we are trying to do in terms of mapping out the value at a very deep level.”

Dan Fiehn, Group COO, Compre

“HCP successfully delivers on preserving data and metadata in such a way that both readability and interpretability (authenticity) can be guaranteed.”

Paul Schindeler, Founder, Data Matters

“With Hitachi Vantara, NPL can provide the global science community with the information it needs to keep making new discoveries that change the world.”

Nigel Budd, Science Support Leader, National Physical Laboratory

Unstructured Data Resources

Explore data protection configuration in the Hitachi Object Storage S3 Management Console in this walk-through demo.

See how to utilize hybrid cloud service orchestration in the Hitachi HCP for Cloud Scale Hybrid Cloud walk-through demo.

Unpack the event-based data enrichment service in this Hitachi Object Storage walk-through demo.

Leverage HCP to develop a best-in-class compliance strategy that strengthens IT control and provides competitive advantage.

Modernize with a hybrid cloud object storage solution that stores, secures, and protects your data at unlimited scale.

March 15, 2023

Explore the evolution of object storage to meet the demands of the modern enterprise.

Learn how Hitachi Content Platform portfolio simplifies recovery from ransomware.

Protect and recover data no matter your preferred data protection application.

Unlock modern backup and recovery with object storage.

Take control of unstructured data with a communication governance solution.

Simplify data privacy and compliance with automated discovery & protection.

Access intelligent data governance solutions that extend across your private and public cloud.