Hybrid Cloud with VMware

Simplicity, Resilience and Agility is Yours

Empower your enterprise with an end-to-end cloud strategy that lets you choose the workload placement that best serves your needs, from edge to core and beyond.

Harness the Power of Hitachi Vantara + VMware

Experience new levels of availability and elasticity that modern workloads demand with help from Hitachi's seamless integration across VMware's entire ecosystem.

Manage consistent service levels, in a single pane of glass.

Hitachi + VMware unifies management of all your workloads and resources so you can focus on managing outcomes, not silos.

Why VMware Tanzu is a Gamechanger for Hybrid Cloud

Do more in less time, with an agile scale-out fabric.

Your data fabric is cohesively engineered and fueled by intelligent automation so you accelerate innovation,  identify issues earlier and improve outcomes quicker.

Remote Workspace with Security and Compliance

Reduce cost without sacrificing efficiency with consumption-based pricing.

Enhance your digital core without disrupting your existing infrastructure. Achieve remarkable flexibility without compromising efficiency.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of VMware with Software-Defined Infrastructure

Collaboration for business continuity

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange guarantees nonstop operation with Hitachi Enterprise Storage Technologies

Mitre Creates Innovative Customer Experiences With New IT Environment

Featured Products and Solutions

From edge to core: VMware + Hitachi’s comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud

Create a flexible foundation integrated with your VMware environment to accelerate operations, simplify management, and reduce the TCO of your VMware-based hybrid cloud.

“UCP HC’s all-in-one, single-vendor solution, with native VMware integration, made it easy to meet our performance and availability needs.”

Vo Nguyen, IT Manager, Seven System Vietnam JSC

Strengthen the foundation of your VMware environment with better efficiency, scalability, guaranteed availability and a more predictable user experience.

“With Hitachi Flash Storage we can manage growth while achieving better performance, lower latency, higher availability and reliability across our data centers.”

Gabi Dvir, Head of Infrastructure, 888 Holdings

Use cutting-edge data protection solutions for your VMware environment to simplify processes and easily meet data availability service-level requirements.

The Hitachi solution has enabled us to cut costs by over two thirds, and deliver strong security and control at the price of public cloud storage services.”

Daniel Eckerstorfer, System Engineer, GRZ IT Center

Power secure borderless workspaces, anytime, anywhere with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions for VMware.

“The Hitachi solution has enabled us to cut costs by over two thirds, and deliver strong security and control at the price of public cloud storage services.”

Daniel Eckerstorfer, System Engineer, GRZ IT Center

Seeking the best ways to optimize your hybrid cloud with VMware?

See how hybrid cloud can be more powerful and cost-effective than you ever thought possible with help from an easy-to-understand guide.


Faster time to production with AIOps


Data availability guarantee


Cost savings vs. pure public cloud

“We have used the Hitachi Vantara converged infrastructure solution to analyze and assemble complete SARS-Cov-2 genome sequences. This research will be published to contribute to the global effort of scientists and medical staff to combat the COVID-19 pandemic more effectively.”

Fredrik Boulund, Head of Bioinformatics, Centre for Translational Microbiome Research, Karolinska Institutet

The power of partnership

Together, Hitachi Vantara and VMware allow customers to efficiently manage, govern, and mobilize key data infrastructure across data centers and clouds, reducing the complexity and cost of disparate applications and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of Hitachi Vantara and VMware solutions offers seamless integration, allowing you to streamline operations, enhance scalability, and ensure reliable performance for your IT infrastructure.

Hitachi Vantara and VMware solutions provide robust security features and compliance tools, helping organizations maintain data integrity, meet regulatory requirements, and safeguard sensitive information.

These solutions offer versatility, enabling you to manage and optimize workloads in both on-premises and cloud environments for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

A range of support services, including implementation, training, and ongoing technical support, is available to ensure the successful.

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