HCI: A low-latency, scalable architecture that’s ready for what’s next

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Simplify and Accelerate Your Business IT

Modernize your data center and edge computing with a turnkey integrated, automated, and reliable hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

It’s time for hyperconverged infrastructure

Streamline IT management, boost agility and performance, and lower costs by consolidating your workloads on a single software-defined system. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC solutions, powered by VMware vSan, offer effortless cloud modernization.

Hitachi UCP HC delivers for customers

ESG finds Hitachi UCP hyperconverged solutions provide a strong foundation of high performance, security, resiliency, and ease of management.

Maximize hyperconverged performance for hybrid and multicloud environments

3 ways to maximize hyperconverged deployments

Make the most of your HCI by incrementally investing in IT and leveraging simple management and scale to start small and grow as needed.

Hear pro tips for getting the most out of your HCI investments

Accelerate data center modernization

IDC explores the unique challenges of modern IT and all the ways in which Hitachi's proven HCI solutions support diverse customer needs.

Leverage HCI to accelerate data center agility & hybrid cloud workflows

Cloud transformation with Hitachi HCI

Accelerate value from the hybrid cloud and simplify management with a proven hyperconverged infrastructure designed for automation and intelligence.


Unified management software, with a single control plane to manage HCI, turnkey cloud foundation solution, and three-tier converged infrastructure.


Faster time to production, with IT provisioning using advanced automation technologies.


Scalable infrastructure to power general-purpose workloads, edge, and IoT applications.

Harness the power of hyperconverged infrastructure

Advance your transformation agenda with all the benefits of a modern HCI solution.

Integrated turnkey appliance

Leverage faster time to production to focus on innovation, not infrastructure, with a ready-to-deploy appliance.

Low-latency infrastructure

Power critical, latency-sensitive apps via Hitachi HCI’s industry-leading processors and all-NVMe SSDs.

Configuration flexibility

Right-size your cloud infrastructure with a wide range of compute and storage options. Start small and scale with HCI.

Automated lifecycle management

Stay up to date with one-push non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades across the stack.

Enterprise-grade data protection

Secure apps and data, and ensure continuous operations, with native, optimized data protection

Learn more about Hitachi’s hybrid cloud infrastructure solution

See for yourself how Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) redefines enterprise IT. Demo UCP HC along with VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Tanzu, and VMware vSphere.

“Thanks to fast and efficient Hitachi Vantara solutions, we can deliver next-generation IT applications and facilitate business transformation.”
Urs Lüchinger Head of IT Infrastructure Backend
“The Hitachi Vantara Lumada-based solution allows us to ensure that when we get an improvement, we can keep it and move on to another focus area.”
Cam Halfpenny General Manager, Bengalla Mining Company
Why HCI?

Get insights from HCI customers and analysts

Learn about the top five considerations for enterprises and mid-sized businesses when choosing an HCI solution

Explore the strategies IT organizations use to untangle compute complexity and leverage data for business growth


Explore wide range of configuration options to architect the right-sized HCI cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines compute, storage, and virtualization to create a simple, easy-to-deploy, scale-out software-defined storage solution for enterprises and service providers.

The simplicity of management, provisioning, and maintenance, along with lower initial entry cost and dynamic expansion, are the key benefits of HCI. HCI systems lend themselves to software optimization of the hardware, which will reduce CAPEX and drive greater value on each unit of investment. Customers can now realign IT resources more on innovation and strategic business value and less on keeping the lights on. Hyperconverged infrastructure increases operational flexibility and reduces cost. The simplicity of deployment, ongoing operation, ease of management, and maintenance will reduce planned downtime and enhance productivity.

HCI Solutions are ideal for general purpose virtual servers, databases, cloud deployment, VDI, Test/Dev, big data, ROBO, and containerized workloads. Additionally, HCI systems are a good fit for Service Providers. In this environment, the smaller building block and linear scale-out lends itself to easier cost projections as service providers ramp and refresh their subscribers and business.

HCI can be purchased as an integrated appliance or just as software and deployed on commodity nodes. Both approaches have pros and cons to suit varying IT needs. While integrated appliance provides pre-integration, optimization, and single support, HCI nodes allow you to pick the best of breed hardware and HCI software.

HCI cluster eliminates single-point-of-failure from truly distributed storage deployment model. It is designed to ensure business continuity in the event of a machine or human error. It provides protection against host, VM, rack, or even site failure. Native and optimized data protection and business continuity solutions are available to meet the aggressive uptime requirement of business applications.

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