Power your hybrid cloud strategy with EverFlex

Compute as a Service (CaaS)

Rapid Adoption, Control and Predictable Costs

World-class compute technology with access to a managed converged infrastructure, Kubernetes containers, virtual machines and bare metal on demand without investing in physical infrastructure.​


Leverage CaaS to optimize resource utilization and improve agility

Flexible consumption

Future-proof your compute resources with a pay-per-use infrastructure solution.


Achieve higher service levels and run across different environments consistently.

Heterogenous management

Optimize compute no matter where it lives — edge, data centers, Co-Lo, private and public cloud.


Empowering your business to accelerate innovation

Deliver scalable and secure Kubernetes with various container solutions managed across private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Containers as a Service

Boost application agility and performance

Experience virtual machine solutions with more simplicity, resilience and agility to tackle workloads at the right performance for the right cost.

VMs as a Service

Harness the dependability and power of virtual machines

Discover the processing performance and cost benefits you’re looking for with Hitachi integrated systems as a service and partners such as Cisco.

Metal as a Service

Accelerate processing power with greater security and control

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Accelerate Deployment

Infrastructure Professional Services

Assess, plan and migrate from VM to Container environments for license savings and infrastructure consolidation.

Maximize Value

Managed Services

Lower operational costs and improve the level and consistency of IT service levels supporting your business.