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Data Privacy and Compliance

Get to Know Your Data

Protect your data privacy and achieve compliance objectives, regardless of industry, by understanding the data you have.

See the opportunity in achieving effective data privacy and compliance

Meet the challenge of exponential data growth and expanding data privacy and compliance obligations with modern, validated data management solutions that power insights and innovation at lower cost.

Efficiently locate, manage, and leverage business content for actionable insight

Improve productivity and lower risk with data analytics, real-time content analytics, and enterprise search.

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Better decisions yield business value — but require the right information

Improve the processes and technologies used to store, manage, govern, and mobilize data, and verify its quality.

Explore key insights into why data quality is essential for content analytics

Leverage intelligent archiving to make your data readily accessible

Satisfy European Union data privacy and compliance rules as well as myriad other international obligations.

Meet compliance obligations with Hitachi Content Platform

seamless adaptation

Automation and seamless adaptation of compliance mandates eases management and reduces costs up to 67%

Data governance and regulatory compliance

Safeguard your crucial data, minimize vulnerabilities, and meet compliance obligations with an intelligent data governance strategy.

Insights into Solutions

Extend your data privacy and compliance capabilities with a trusted partner

Leverage Hitachi Content Platform to meet compliance requirements

Learn about the benefits, challenges, and best practices for data governance

Data Governance Guidance

Drive more business value with intelligent data governance solutions

Build a Data Governance Strategy for the New Digital Era

Drive business value with intelligent data governance

“The HCP solution has transformed the way we handle compliance investigations, and cut the time needed for discovery searches from weeks to hours.”
Colin Chatelier, Head of Data Center (UK), Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail