Hitachi EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud

Drive flexibility and agility to power innovation across your hybrid cloud estate, with lower total cost of ownership.

Tackling Hybrid Cloud complexity

Dive into the future of hybrid cloud with Jeb Horton and Cisco's Alexandra Zagury. Learn how our collaborative approach to managed services drives unparalleled simplicity and agility while optimizing costs and the value of your data.

SLA reliability and observability in a consumption-based model

30-50% savings with JIT delivery, pay-per-use pricing, automation and more

Pay for resources used, avoid CapEx, accurate budgeting, flexibility to scale

360° view across hybrid cloud, configuration and optimal usage

A fresh approach for Hybrid Cloud

How to build and activate an effective, sustainable enterprise infrastructure.

Take a short assessment that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Your infrastructure, only better. Calculate your ability to scale as needed, guaranteed SLAs and pay-as-you-go pricing to align IT costs with your business.

Proven Value

Reduction in TCO


Drive cost efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership to align strategic investments.

Average reduction in enterprise storage costs


Organizations achieved these typical savings in their storage costs.

Typical increase in profits


Companies significantly improved their service levels, driving profits.

IT technician using a digital tablet in a server room. Female programmer fixing a computer system and network while doing maintenance in a datacenter. Engineer updating security software on a machine
“CBTS Delivers Agile Services and Boosts Competitive Advantage with EverFlex.”
Bill Ehrman Senior Manager, Data Storage, CBTS
“Hitachi Vantara provides reliable, large-scale storage-on-demand services with all-flash deployment.”
Manager, Data Storage, BMW Group

Frequently Asked Questions

A term for storage infrastructure that uses a combination of on-premises storage resources with a public cloud storage provider. A cloud-like management environment is employed around compute containers that allows one seamless data plane across the entire environment from edge to multicloud.

Hybrid application environments leverage multiple tools from many vendors to manage service delivery, operations and maintenance, analytics and financial ops. Hitachi provides a single pane of glass approach that gives a 360° view across datacenter, private and public cloud.

Hyperautomation is a systematic approach to orchestrate multiple technologies, driving end-to-end process automation for complex workflows across multivendor systems and how they interact with each other. It utilizes more advanced technologies like AI, intelligent business process management (iBPM) and robotic process automation (RPA), connected to a fully integrated environment.

ITaaS is valuable for delivering technology faster, to more places, more reliably and more efficiently. ITaaS platforms help offload the operational load of managing the technology services needed to expand existing revenue streams and capture opportunities as they present themselves.

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