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Storage as a Service

Balance Capacity, Budget, and Data Governance

With Storage as a Service from Hitachi Vantara (STaaS), your business can successfully balance storage agility with cost-savings and risk reduction.

Grow and transform with STaaS

Digital transformation leveraging hybrid environments requires balance — capturing the promise of cloud while getting the most out of your legacy investments, and keeping your data secure and available when and where you need it. With STaaS from Hitachi Vantara, you get choice: cloud managed on-premises and colocation storage with consumption-based pricing. You can use and access storage in ways that work best for your business and scale up and down as your needs change and grow.

STaaS enables organizations to:

  • Boost business development and performance with flexibility and power to respond to new opportunities quickly.
  • Balance costs and reduce risk. Reduce the burden of ownership while assuring resilience.
  • Realize unexpected gains. Free up resources and experience improved levels of efficiency. 

Rapid deployment,
easy self-serve

  • Proven reliability and performance with well-defined service-level agreements
  • Elastic consumption that is outcome-driven
  • Agile architecture providing order-to-delivery within weeks

Customer loyalty challenge solved

Finding a path to growth within a competitive market requires improved agility. STaaS can result in improved data access of up to 100%, driving an improved customer experience and customer loyalty.

“It’s an easy way to consume storage with the flexibility of cloud. Now we focus on revenue instead of mundane capacity and provisioning tasks.”

Large EMEA Telco

Extra storage at your fingertips

STaaS can be ready for use whenever and wherever the need arises. The ability to tie costs to actual business use is one of its greatest benefits.

Data archiving

Meet your archiving needs and compliance goals. Need to keep data on-prem? Not a problem. You’ll still benefit from cloud management and pay-as-you-go.


Ensure big data is safely stored and easy to access. Need to balance performance with cost as needs change? Flexible purchase tiers tie costs to results.

Data backup and recovery

Safeguard business continuity with efficient and fast operational resiliency. Can’t afford even seconds of downtime? 100% data availability keeps your business operational.

Content delivery

Get the most out of fast and global streaming media. Need equal access across varying bandwidths? Location choice keeps files close to your audience.

Application development and testing

Leverage the advantages of STaaS for development environments. Need to quickly scale? Agility and pay-as-you-go support shifting priorities.

Top 6 Questions to Ask

Understanding what to look for when evaluating vendors can be a challenge. Read this blog to understand how best to approach it.


Total data availability. With flexibility to tie needed access and performance to cost.


Time to value. Just weeks to deploy — on-premises or co-location.


Hitachi Vantara storage trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Management of the service is achieved through the unified cloud-based portal, which provides maximum global access and agility to all deployed storage, regardless of location.
  • STaaS storage capacities start as low as 50TBs and range into multiple petabytes.
  • Monthly billing consists of a committed value that forms the base Minimum Monthly Payment (MMP) and a flex fee that covers excess usage costs above that of the MMP.
  • Contract terms range from one to five years with pricing per GB diminishing as the contract term and capacity tiers increase.
  • Service levels are based on service uptime and systems-level performance with data availability of up to 100%.
  • Deploy in weeks rather than months as with other solutions. Customers have a choice of a fully configured pre-integrated racked option or a storage-only option. Both configurations can be deployed on-premises or at a preferred colocation facility from the Hitachi Vantara partner ecosystem.

  • A better overall experience, with STaaS delivered through the Hitachi Vantara partner ecosystem of cloud service providers (CSPs).
  • Industry-leading storage technologies, services, and support from Hitachi Vantara.
  • World-class consulting, hosting, and managed services delivery from a select, well-qualified community of service providers.
  • Choice of global and local expertise from regional providers, consultants, and support teams to meet the specialized demands of your business. 
  • Fast time to value through tightly integrated relationships between Hitachi Vantara and our partners, enabling you to deliver new revenue-generating capabilities to your customers quickly.
  • Reduced business risk and downtime by offloading day-to-day operations and storage administration skills that are often difficult to source and maintain as your business needs change.

For enterprise organizations with more complex needs and a desire to team up with expert advisors on their journey towards digital transformation, Hitachi Vantara offers custom STaaS solutions through our services teams. Custom STaaS components include Consumption-Based Pricing, Monitoring and Reporting, and Intelligent Alert Management. 

Working with the Hitachi Services team can help organizations:

  • Speed time to market and solve for complex systems. Leverage our deep storage industry expertise and take advantage of ready-to-use solutions from our rich network of technology partners. 
  • Foster innovation and be more strategic. Prioritize more strategic approaches to gain new competitiveness by outsourcing mundane tasks and working with us to exchange ideas, technologies, and best practices. 
  • Build toward a customer-first approach. Working with us on bespoke solutions can help you build better customer experiences that translate into new business and extended loyalty. 
  • Support scalability and skills supplementation. Hitachi Vantara can help solve for your resource and knowledge gaps, providing support where and when you need it to ensure your business is ready to grow, achieve resilience, and maintain compliance. 

Learn more about our Managed Services offerings.

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