Achieve business goals with agile object storage

Hitachi Vantara Object Storage

Unleash the Power of Object Storage

Seamlessly accelerate new and traditional unstructured data workloads on-prem or in the cloud with Hitachi Content Platform.

Secure, Performant and Scalable S3 Cloud Object Storage

Optimize costs, safeguard data, and increase productivity with a flexible hybrid cloud strategy

Meet governance and regulatory compliance rules and gain visibility and control of unstructured data across your organization.

Build a data governance strategy for the digital era

High-performance and all-flash capable object storage are today’s top choice for S3 and Cloud-native applications and tier-1 high-performance workloads such as AI/ML, analytics, data warehouses.

ESG Performance Lab Validation | Hitachi Content Platform

Flexible deployment, delivery and consumption models offer the best of both worlds spanning private cloud, appliance-based, software defined, cloud-based and as-a-service cloud consumption options.

Gain visibility and control with multi-cloud object storage

Resilient solution design protects against cyber and ransomware attacks. High reliability architecture has no single points of failure with industry-leading.

100% availability and 15x9s durability.

Data Protection and Cyber Resiliency

Hitachi Object Storage Software

Take on any unstructured data use case with flexible, scale-out object storage

Get the best of both private data and public cloud as you turn data into intelligence, no matter where it resides.

Unlock modern backup and recovery with object storage.

Optimize backups, reduce costs, maximize performance, and mitigate risks, regardless of your preferred data protection vendor.

Protect and recover data — no matter what your preferred data protection application is.

Power your most demanding applications with efficient, high-performance data pipelines and reduced management overhead.

Hitachi Content Platform is ideal for AI & HPC workloads

Leverage centralized, infinitely scalable cloud object storage with native S3 integration for your cloud-native apps.

Hitachi Content Platform drives agility at massive scale

Navigate unstructured data workloads with Hitachi Vantara object storage

Get the best of public and private cloud. Hitachi solutions drive agility with consistent speed, limitless scale, and AI-driven intelligence across clouds.

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

Power new use cases and traditional workloads on-prem or in the cloud with flexible, scale-out object storage.

Hitachi Content Software for File

Leverage a fast, simple, and scalable distributed file system for high-performance computing, AI, ML, and analytics workloads.

Hitachi NAS Platform

Deliver a consolidated, enterprise-grade NAS solution for distributed enterprise and data center application workloads.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Enterprise

Flexibly deploy modern, no-compromise content collaboration and data protection solutions for any office or roaming user.

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Improve productivity and uncover business insights with intelligent data discovery, transformation, and orchestration.

Advance your cloud object storage journey

Flexible, efficient, cost-effective object storage is critical to powering today's data-intensive applications. Deep dive into considerations and best practices around cloud object storage.

Accelerate with Hitachi Object Storage

Drive value from all the data you're generating with the limitless scale and faster performance of Hitachi Content Platform.


Lower latency and consistent performance, enabling scale to the billions of files required by IoT and AI-driven apps.


Faster response times, which accelerates analysis and helps capture new insights.


Tons less CO2 over 5 years. HCP customers saved 8% usable capacity, 46% cost/TB, and 51% power cost.

A view on the Skyscraper named "Rabobank toren", located in the city centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Built in the period of 2007-2011 and designed by architects Rob Ligtvoet and Kraaijvanger Urbis. The building includes elements of the Modernist style.
“The HCP solution has transformed the way we handle compliance investigations, and cut the time needed for discovery searches from weeks to hours.”
Colin Chatelier Head of Data Center (UK), Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail
“Hitachi Content Platform provides the stability of an enterprise-level storage platform, as well as excellent data protection and compliance capabilities.”
Hua Qi Senior Engineer

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