GigaOm Names Hitachi Vantara a Leader in Unstructured Data Management – 4th Consecutive Year

Hitachi Content Platform

Object Storage for Hybrid Cloud

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) gives you the best of both private data and public cloud. By spanning on-premises resources with cloud storage, you can turn data into intelligence no matter where it resides.

Combining the best of public and private

Explore how Hitachi Vantara can help your organization improve agility, cut costs, gain predictable expenses, reduce risks, increase productivity, and drive new revenue streams.

Hitachi Content Platform

Customers choose HCP to modernize, safeguard, and optimize cost

Modernize and reduce IT costs, without sacrificing performance with a 2TB/MIN TP 22PB data lake

Optimize storage across public and private clouds, avoiding hidden costs and benefiting from more than 50% savings

Automate data operations and offset insufficient resources with exceptionally rated compliance and analytics

Why Customers Choose HCP

Hitachi Content Platform shines in the 2023 report, Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. Hitachi sourced 20+ eligible reviews, 15+ capabilities ratings, and 15+ Support/Delivery ratings.

HCP is a product with very high availability and easy configuration.

Vendor shows high technical skills and is heavily customer-oriented.

Easy to install, configure, operate, automate. Great product for its money. Strongly recommended

Fast delivery date, easy installation, great cooperation with the vendor, easy management, extreme performance.

A Hitachi Cloud Scale deployment provides a good on-prem option for providing S3 services, one that is performing.

Great vendor that really cares about your business. We have many Hitachi products, but the HCP has been among our favorites.

Enhancing Your Infrastructure

Helping organizations improve agility, scale, and faster performance at lower cost

Protect your investment over the long term with Hitachi Hybrid Cloud Storage

Adapt to change by taking advantage of new applications and incorporating new technology in-place. Leverage your data to identify new revenue opportunities and speed outcomes, while maintaining data security, privacy, and integrity.

A fresh perspective on software-defined infrastructure

Explore real-world examples of organizations creating competitive advantage by bringing together and managing data across workloads and clouds.

HCP by the numbers

Long a trusted provider of solutions for enterprise customers, Hitachi Vantara provides its trademark reliability, security, availability, and enterprise-class features with HCP.


Tons CO2 reduction over five years. Reduce your carbon footprint through intelligent data lifecycle management. HCP customers save 8% usable capacity, 46% Cost/TB, and 51% power cost and consumption vs. leading vendor.


Faster response times. Any delay can mean the difference between keeping and losing a customer. ESG measured 50% improvement in time to first byte and 8x large object read and write performance.


Less latency, consistent performance. HCP delivers 15x small object average read and 10x average write performance measured in ESG report, scaling to billions of files required by IoT and AI-driven applications.

Expert Insights

Get the latest insights from thought leaders

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Customer Stories

Explore customer insights into the value of HCP

Hitachi Vantara and Avast discuss open source vs. enterprise approaches to object storage

RWTH Aachen University provides data protection across universities with Hitachi Vantara

“Because we have come up with very complex solutions for our customers, getting the right data to the right people at the right time is paramount. Hitachi cares about what we are trying to do in terms of mapping out the value at a very deep level. That’s quite a difficult exercise and a highly skilled job.”

Dan Fiehn, Group COO, Compre

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March 15, 2023

Revolutionizing object storage to meet rising hybrid multi-cloud demands

Get on-premises S3-compatible storage for Snowflake with HCP

Be the ultimate data avenger

Hitachi Content Platform Combine the Best of Public and Private Cloud

Enhance storage monitoring for HCP with Hitachi Content Monitor

With HCP, top financial and government agencies manage security, risk and privacy with robust compliance

Modernizing file services is a priority for digital transformation initiatives

Revolutionizing object storage to meet rising hybrid multi-cloud demands

Hitachi Content Platform Overview