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Hitachi Content Platform: High-Performance Object Storage for Cloud-native Applications ESG Review

In this Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Technical Review, discover how Hitachi Content Platform excels in key performance metrics and delivers agility, transparency, and speed that enterprises demand of their modern applications, analytics, and production workloads.

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This report documents ESG’s review of Hitachi Content Platform performance testing showing consistent, scalable performance critical for analytical workloads. Rigorous, industry-standard benchmarks were audited to evaluate Hitachi’s capabilities based on a real customer deployment with a focus on the following:


  • Standard 32-node HCP system built on AWS EC2 with local NVMe drives and 100GbE networking that was shared with other workloads
  • Cloud-native applications using the S3 API for a wide variety of use cases
  • Mix of test workloads including 100% read, 100% write, and a blend of both. For each test, two object sizes were used in three configurations, 100% small (1KB), 100% large (64MB), and a mix of the two.
  • Retrieving data from object storage using the GET (e.g., read) task, while transferring data to the object store using the PUT (e.g., write) task.
  • Time to first byte metrics were gathered in real time from the application