Turbocharging Your Business with (Gen)AI

AI and Analytics

Transform Business Operations and Beyond with AI

Harness the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence to solve real-world problems. Adapt and innovate by putting your data to work, securely.

Introducing Hitachi iQ: An AI Solutions Stack for Enterprise Workloads

Join Jason Hardy, CTO of Artificial Intelligence, to learn how Hitachi solves some of industry’s toughest AI challenges.

Hitachi iQ

Hitachi’s Industry-optimized AI solution suite for organizations investing in AI/ML workloads

Harness the power of industry-leading AI technologies to accelerate your transformation journey and quickly gain insights.

Achieve Faster Insights

Ensuring data is relevant and accessible for AI applications and analytics, while prioritizing security and compliance.

Hitachi brings expertise to help bridge the AI skills gap, creating cutting-edge AI applications, & accelerating your outcomes.

Bridge the AI Skills Gap

Power GenAI with Hitachi iQ with HGX H100 Powered with Hitachi Content Software for File and Hitachi Content Platform

Accelerate AI Development

Hitachi iQ - An AI Solution Suite Tailored for Industry

The only AI solution on the market for mission critical enterprise applications provides unified access to data irrespective of where it resides.

Fast and Efficient Results

Harness the power of industry-leading AI technologies to accelerate your transformation journey & quickly gain insights.

Evolving AI With Hitachi

Learn what key initiatives Hitachi has undertaken, and how we plan to leverage NVIDIA technology to solve some of industry’s toughest challenges.

Generative AI with Hitachi Hybrid Cloud

Witness the unfolding of the enterprise GenAI revolution this episode of "Beyond Boundaries" Hybrid Cloud webinar series.

Hitachi Announces New AI Portfolio

Hitachi Vantara and NVIDIA Announce Collaboration to Co-Create New Portfolio of Industrial-Led AI Solutions.

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Accelerate your AI transformation today

Transform Business Operations and Beyond with AI

Leverage AI to get insights from all your data, anywhere, any cloud, with an easy-to-use, highly secure platform and high-performance, cost-effective AI infrastructure.

Transform your business with a unique, industry specific GenAI solution to accelerate digital transformation with the industry expertise of Hitachi.

Get GPU accelerated insights

Blazing fast distributed file system for high-performance computing, AI, ML, and analytics workloads. Amazingly simple and highly scalable.

Enable performance accelerated workloads

Simplify IT operations management with AIOps to deliver advanced analytics, automation and protection for your data infrastructure to enable new IT agility and speed innovation.

Leverage high-performance storage for AI and ML


Years expertise in IT & OT


Efficiency through automation


Improvement in AI training time

Delivering insights faster

Learn how Hitachi Vantara enabled Blechwarenfabrik Limburg to improve environmental sustainability and accelerate manufacturing processes with Hitachi.

“On the factory floor, we’re adopting the Industrial Internet of Things to implement our vision of Industry 4.0… Sensor data from production lines is integrated into our data warehouse, allowing us to monitor performance and increase operational efficiency.”

Daniel Jung, Head of Business Intelligence, Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH

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