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What AI Needs Right Now

Maggie Laird
Head of Pentaho Software Business & Corporate Sustainability, Hitachi Vantara

November 30, 2023

The breakneck pace of innovation, especially in the realm of generative AI (GenAI), is creating new opportunities for organizations around every corner. But the rapid adoption has only exacerbated the already explosive growth of data and complicated issues for enterprises trying to leverage that data for greater insights and improved business health.

Getting access to all the right data and then making it ready for AI has always been laborious, tedious, and time consuming. But today’s ever complex hybrid cloud landscape and the runaway proliferation of data silos, to name just a couple of challenges, can confound these data quests and derail organizations’ AI progress.

Because of these obstacles, enterprises are straining to take advantage of their data to fuel burgeoning AI programs and large language models (LLM). What’s needed is a healthy new approach to data. At Hitachi Pentaho we call this data fitness.

It calls for placing much greater attention and focus on the common denominators of AI: complete, clean, and accurate data. Data-fit organizations enjoy rapid innovation cycles, their employees are ‘data fluent,’ and the insights they generate are the most current possible.

A New Era for Pentaho

This is the thinking behind our new Pentaho portfolio of data management and optimization tools. Called Pentaho+ Platform and announced today, we have completely re-engineered the software to be modular, scalable and to give customers a simple way to ingest, transform, process, store, enrich, search, access & analyze their hybrid-cloud data with no-code and drag and drop features.

It’s important to remember that Pentaho has been a data workhorse for the last 15 years, trusted by 74% of Fortune 100 companies. With Pentaho+ Platform, customers are now able to connect to data across multiple sources to set up a composable, modular, scalable, flexible, and extensible data platform.

With data fitness in mind, our new Pentaho+ Platform is designed around three key areas:

  1. Connected Data – via capabilities to source, prepare, move, transform, and synthesize data.
  2. Trusted Data – via capabilities that ensure data served to mission critical applications and activities is dependable and a single/trusted source of truth for compliance and auditability.
  3. GenAI-Ready Data – via capabilities that deliver data that is labeled, normalized, and organized, so it can be easily parsed and used by the business to draw meaningful insights.

In other words, consider Pentaho+ Platform the data management system for GenAI. It’s designed from the ground up to help customers improve their data fitness quickly and begin reaping the benefits of AI in a more consistent, accurate, and reliable manner. We hope you’ll agree.

I invite you to read more about this great news here and visit our website for even more information on Pentaho+ Platform.

Maggie Laird

Maggie leads Hitachi Vantara’s data management software business, helping solve critical customer data challenges to accelerate digital transformation. As well as corporate sustainability, including environmental strategy, execution and delivery on decarbonization objectives.