Turbocharge your Oracle database infrastructure

Integrated Database Platform

Modernize database infrastructure

Accelerate business-critical databases with unprecedented performance gains and cloud operations while lowering infrastructure and licensing costs.

Transform Oracle environments from maintenance to innovation

Oracle databases provide foundational transaction processing and analytics for enterprises across industries. Maximize the value of your Oracle applications and data so your business can move faster.

Optimized integrated infrastructure to accelerate response times

Increase performance and utilization while simplifying infrastructure operation and management and lowering licensing costs.

Speed Oracle apps with Hitachi solutions

Full-stack solution with automation and actionable intelligence to simplify management

Optimize the value of your most critical workloads by streamlining data center infrastructure and management. 

Improve business outcomes Hitachi solutions for Oracle

Harness near-zero RTO and RPO with industrial-leading data protection technologies

Enable synchronous replication across up to 500kms to ensure high availability for your mission-critical data and applications.

Explore global-active device from Hitachi

Harness Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Boost performance while lowering costs with DBaaS

Modernize via Hitachi’s prevalidated Oracle infrastructure solution with database management software to deliver on stringent SLOs and automate lifecycle management.

Faster responses

Accelerate complex queries and support larger databases with low latency and higher throughput.

Reduced Oracle TCO

Save on technology budgets by lowering infrastructure, support, and licensing costs up to 30%.

Cloud operating model

Simplify with a customer service catalog for DBaaS and optional fully managed operations.

Optimize performance and significantly reduce TCO with DBaaS and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. Our pre-validated, turnkey, multicloud solution is built to power critical, low latency workloads, delivering superior experiences and competitive advantage.

High performance, lower costs

Deliver unmatched performance and availability for your demanding modern databases with Hitachi solutions.


Gain in performance for mission-critical Oracle databases

Rely on industry-leading


continuous data availability with energy efficient storage

Up to


lower infrastructure, support, and licensing costs

Trusted by


of the Fortune 100

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Modernize Oracle infrastructure

Accelerate outcomes with Hitachi solutions for Oracle

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