Banking and Financial Services

Unlock the Future of Your Data.

Leveraging Data to Capitalize on Change

Deliver modern banking and finance applications for growth while ensuring data is resilient, compliant, and AI-activated for innovation.

Modern finance realized

Seize the opportunity to capitalize on the pace of change and innovation in the financial and banking services industry, with Hitachi Vantara solutions that deliver always-on performance, industry-leading cyber resilience, and AI-powered insights.

Enhance operational excellence with a next-generation hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Modernize with technology that improves operational efficiency, enables rapid development of new customer-enhancing finance applications, and optimizes cost containment with seamless data management.

Improving operational excellence in the evolving landscape of cloud adoption for financial institutions

Preserve reputational integrity with data that is immutable, cyber resilient, always on, and compliant.

With Hitachi Vantara, your business can maintain non-stop operations with our 100% data availability guarantee, while resting assured that you are secure against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Explore multiple lines of defense against cyber threats in the banking and financial services industry

Unlock the most value from high-quality data with automated AI-driven insights that improve innovation and time to market.

Uncover new opportunities to accelerate growth by leveraging generative AI with extreme performance solutions and deploying intelligent automation tools for advanced data analytics.

Explore multiple lines of defense against cyber threats in the banking and financial services industry

Cloudnine Hospitals
“Partnering with Hitachi Vantara helps us to maintain the stability of the financial system in Pakistan and increase prosperity across the nation.”
Azeem Ahmad Siddiqui Chief Customer Experience Officer, 1LINK
A view on the Skyscraper named "Rabobank toren", located in the city centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Built in the period of 2007-2011 and designed by architects Rob Ligtvoet and Kraaijvanger Urbis. The building includes elements of the Modernist style.
“The HCP solution has transformed the way we handle compliance investigations, and cut the time needed for discovery searches from weeks to hours.”
Colin Chatelier Head of Data Center (UK), Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail
“Thanks to Hitachi Ops Center, our storage landscape has become one of the easiest parts of our infrastructure to manage.”
Deniz Armen Cloud Data Storage Technologies Manager, Garanti BBVA



for online transaction processing by industry analysts



data availability with built-in ransomware protection

Up to


CO2 emission reductions and 35% footprint reductions

Automation speeds data availability and insight at Fannie Mae

A leader in U.S. mortgage finance, Fannie Mae relies heavily on data. They used Pentaho Data Catalog to transform their data pipeline. AI-driven automation makes data available immediately everywhere it’s needed, enabling better, faster and more transparent insights, decisions and outcomes.


Files processed automatically per day.


Unique datasets requiring detailed metadata.


Key data elements (KDEs) automatically tagged/classified.

Use Cases

Learn how our solutions can support your specific use cases.

Operational efficiency

Get the optimal mix of infrastructure and applications running in the cloud or on-premises

Flexibility & scale

Rapidly develop, test, and deploy modern finance applications while adapting to fluctuating customer workload demands.

Cost containment & performance

Manage the hybrid cloud environment seamlessly with a single data management plane.

Security & privacy

Secure against cyber attacks and data breaches with data that is immutable, preserving its original state, while ensuring data privacy and sovereignty requirements are met.

Data availability

Maintain non-stop business operations with a data platform that is always available, always running, 100% of the time.

Automation & simplicity

Automate regulatory compliance practices and simplify audits with centralized data management via a single portal.

Generative AI

Leverage the power of generative AI with performance solutions supporting AI/ML workloads & LLM training to running — extracting unique insights in record time.

Advanced analytics

Deploy intelligent automation tools for advanced data analytics to drive quality insights and rapid decision making.

Data pipelines

Build and deploy robust data pipelines to optimize ingestion, integration, and quality; assembling and tiering to the right location for cost, regulatory, and performance requirements.

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