Cloud Repatriation: As IT Priorities Change, Organizations Turn to Object Storage for Active Data

Ken Clipperton and Todd Dorsey, DCIG Storage Analysts, interview Tanya Loughlin, Director, Product Marketing, Hitachi Content Portfolio and set out to answer questions like "How is data analyzed across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments?", "Can you set policies to move data between clouds?", and "How are customers enriching existing data after analysis?"

The discussion features three major themes:

  • In the past, object storage was synonymous with archive and backup and data you never wanted to see again. Now, with the rise of machine learning, data intelligence is a primary consideration for cloud object storage.
  • Organizations want to know what data they can combine with other datasets without experiencing the complexities of data silos and multi-cloud sprawl.
  • Metadata analytics are valuable for finding data faster, retrieving timely content, and anonymizing and generalizing highly sensitive information.