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How Can Storage Help Mid-Sized Enterprises Compete More Effectively?

Gary Breder, Tom Christensen from Hitachi Vantara and Henry Baltazar from 451

January 10, 2022 | 02.52 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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Today’s mid-sized enterprise buyer is looking for the same levels of performance, availability and security as the world’s largest organizations. And with good reason. No matter the size and capacity of your business, compromising on power and performance is not an option. But what’s the top buying criteria for building a mid-size storage platform? And how can you maximize capacity with minimum investment? The second of our three-part webinar series looks at these questions and more. We ask how the latest storage innovations allow today’s mid-sized enterprises to punch well above their weight in a more competitive world. Join host Gary Breder, Director of Product Marketing, Cloud at Hitachi Vantara, and guests, The 451’s Henry Baltazar and Hitachi Vantara’s Tom Christensen, as they discuss the best ways to optimize efficiency and power of mid-range storage.