Beyond Unbreakable? Roundtables

Kari Byron of MythBusters Fame Puts Hitachi Vantara to the Test

You may know her from MythBusters. If you do, you know she like to test things. Push them to the max. In the Unbreakable? video series, Kari takes on the biggest enterprise tech challenges from customers and partners and puts Hitachi Vantara through the paces.

Reliability: Because Downtime Equals Money

Watch Kari put Hitachi Vantara to the test by initiating 26 component failures in a Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) storage system in the first episode of Unbreakable?

Sustainability: Thinking Outside the Green Box

Sometimes putting things to the test requires out of the box thinking. But Kari was surprised to learn how important that is to data center sustainability, where an energy efficient “box” is just part of the story. Learn more in the fourth, greenest ever episode of Unbreakable?!

Availability: Here Comes Hurricane Kari

Kari puts Hitachi Vantara to the test again! But even after she goes full-tsunami, she learns with the right data strategy, on-demand businesses today can stay online and available no matter what comes their way. See how in the third episode of Unbreakable?

So Simple, Even Kari Can Do It!

Kari puts Hitachi Vantara to the radical simplicity test and learns getting started is as easy as pushing a button. Then she shows who’s in charge of managing things. She is! (With a little help from Siri). See how in the second episode of Unbreakable?

Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Performance and Value

Kari learns of soaring cloud costs. Then puts Hitachi Vantara to the test, balancing hybrid cloud workloads, optimizing for both performance AND cost. She finds out, with proper visibility, you can truly have it all. See for yourself in the sixth episode of Unbreakable?

World’s Fastest Ransomware Recovery?

Kari learns that with ransomware, recovery time is critical. Then she puts Hitachi Vantara to the test, only to find out about snapshot. And about what was likely the world’s fastest ransomware attack recovery. No myth... See for yourself in the fifth episode of Unbreakable?