Your Data, Your Rules

Gain control, accelerate business value and simplify data management across your IT data infrastructure — all while lowering costs and achieving sustainability goals. Learn more about Universal Data and Application Management.

Overcome data storage’s biggest challenges.

Proven Reliability

Achieve 100% data-availability, benefit from time-tested performance and scalability.

Effective Management

Realize 90% faster storage delivery, experience 30% quicker migrations, and reduce manual tasks by 70%.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy cloud-like, predictable pricing, cut budget waste by 20%, and optimize spending through aligned purchases.

Universal Data Management Buyer’s Guide

The Rise of On-Premises Modernization

Understand the rise in optimizing digital initiatives with Oracle databases and how it sidesteps the costs and risks of cloud migration.

Hitachi Vantara’s Game-Changing Solution

The UCP & VSP 5600 provides modernization for Oracle, ensuring performance, security, and cost savings without cloud migration risks.

Real-world Insights

Insights from users on overcoming legacy infrastructure challenges with Hitachi solutions for Oracle databases.

Maximize Your ROI with the Data Stairway to Value

Decarbonizing the Data Center for Dummies guide by Hitachi Vantara.

Decarbonizing the Data Center for Dummies

In this Dummies Guide for Decarbonizing the Data Center, explore the opportunities, challenges, and processes involved in applying sustainability and decarbonization to the data center and beyond.

“The Hitachi VSP E590 platform gives us access to enterprise-class functionality at a mid-range price-point. That means we can provide our customers with highly cost-effective storage infrastructure without compromising on performance or availability.”
Steen Jensen CEO, Netic
“With the Hitachi Vantara storage solution, we can support continued growth without compromising our customer first philosophy.”
Hakan Ates CEO, DenizBank

Setting the benchmark

Trusted by over 80% of Fortune 100.


Data availability guarantee. Your digital business is a 24/7 operation. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform supports you with a 100% data availability guarantee.


Potential reduction in carbon footprint. Hitachi has been working to reduce the annual carbon footprint of the VSP since 2014. Today’s VSP storage arrays can reduce CO2 emissions as much as 96%.


Up to 90% faster delivery. With Hitachi Vantara, receive faster delivery of storage resources through automated AIOps-driven resource provisioning.

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