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Analyst Technical Validation of Hitachi Content Platform
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Hitachi Content Platform: High-Performance Object Storage for Tier-1 Workloads
Analyst Content

Analyst Technical Validation of Hitachi Content Platform

ESG Technical Review and Lab Validation of Hitachi Content Platform: High-performance Object Storage for Tier-1 Workloads.


Vast amounts of data have been archived on object storage where they gain the benefits of scalability, protection, compliance and cost efficiency. Today organizations are realizing these same benefits, and more, can be applied to many of their Tier-1 workloads such as AI/ML, analytics, data warehouses and S3 cloud applications.

In this technical lab validation, ESG reviews performance tests and results that were based on real-world customer configurations and concludes HCP object storage delivers the high performance and scalability that enterprises demand of their business-driven workloads.

These kinds of performance results change the role of object storage. Now, the object storage advantages of massive scalability, fast data retrieval, and cost efficiency can be used with tier-1 production workloads.

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