Migration Solution Helps Energy Industry Leader Move to the Cloud

Leading Price and News Reporting Agency Chooses Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform for Streamlined Migration and Increased Data Processing Capabilities

The Challenge: In support of its divestiture, this energy industry leader had to shut down its data center and move to the cloud. Under a tight deadline with huge penalties looming, the company needed to migrate all of its infrastructure in a quick and efficient way. The old environment consisted of Microsoft Windows 2003, older versions of Microsoft SQL Server, legacy batch and .net applications.

Solution: Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework to enhance the security and performance of the energy industry leader’s IT infrastructure, the solution provided automated deployment and backups for data redundancy and integrity.


The energy industry leader was able to migrate everything to the cloud ahead of the deadline, all the while maintaining full production functionality and service.

Energy Industry Leader

The Challenge

As a leading provider of commodity pricing information for the energy industry, the company has considerable data processing needs. In early 2017, due to a major acquisition, it was forced to vacate its on-premises data center on short notice, subject to monthly penalties of $1 million for failing to do so on a timely basis.

Rather than porting the same IT infrastructure from one on-premises data center to another, the energy industry leader decided to turn necessity into an opportunity. It opted to refactor its IT environment and migrate to AWS, to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform

Solution: Improved Security and Performance

The energy industry leader chose to work with Hitachi Vantara’s cloud services team because of its cloud expertise and efficiency of operations owing to Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform (see Figure 1). The Cloud Accelerator Platform was also selected to facilitate the energy industry leader’s internal team structuring and to run concurrent sprints for both cloud teams. Hitachi Vantara, set out to rehost and refactor the energy industry leader’s core infrastructure. The solution team used multiple AWS accounts and AWS’ well-designed framework to enhance security and performance. It was able to increase data processing speed at the company by 100%, as well as provide automated infrastructure deployment and backups for redundancy and integrity.

AWS Services Used

The solution team made strong use of the myriad available AWS services, as shown in Figure 2.

AWS services used in cloud solution

Solution Architecture

To leverage the benefits of the cloud for the energy industry leader, the Cloud Accelerator Platform team restructured the company’s IT environment and migrated to AWS, as shown in Figure 3.

Business Benefits

Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform helped the energy industry leader to migrate everything to the cloud ahead of the deadline, while maintaining full production functionality and service. The AWS architecture that the Cloud Accelerator Platform team created for the company was designed to increase performance, availability, flexibility and scalability, and also facilitate disaster recovery. This company also now benefits from faster reporting and high availability, which helps to streamline business operations with less risk of downtime.

Architecture for Energy Industry Leader's Migration Solution

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