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MIT Technology Review: IT Strategies for Hybrid Cloud
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MIT Technology Review: IT Strategies for Hybrid Cloud
Analyst Content

MIT Technology Review: IT Strategies for Hybrid Cloud

Explore the hybrid cloud journeys of modern IT organizations and the strategies and tools they use to untangle compute complexity and leverage data for business growth.


A true hybrid cloud IT infrastructure, in which resources are deployed across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud locations, offers a host of benefits for organizations looking to data for business growth, including flexibility, agility, the ability to scale, and resilience in the case of unexpected events.

But the complexity of implementing a hybrid cloud presents challenges that can bedevil CIOs, including compatibility with legacy equipment, cybersecurity, cloud costs, and issues associated with moving data and managing data access. Organizations that once thought they could move everything to the cloud now realize that for security, compliance, regulatory or other reasons, many apps will never move to the cloud.

Information technology teams can spur innovation, improve business efficiency, and further business growth with the right planning and management tools.

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