Is Your Data Infrastructure Ready for the Road Ahead?

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Raise the bar -
not the budget.

Enterprise-class, not second-class.

The VSP E Series is your team's newest midrange workhorse – no matter the workload.


Pioneering 100% Data Availability


Provision Storage in 5 Clicks or Less

Six 9s of Guaranteed Uptime

4:1 Reduction

Sight Unseen Data Reduction Guarantee


Your Infrastructure Managed as a Service

Full Throttle

Up to 32GB/s Performance Bandwidth

6.8M IOPs


Reduce Manual Tasks Up to 70%


Streamline Application Delivery Up to 90%

287PB Raw

Up to 287PB Max Raw External Capacity

The Hitachi VSP E990 with 4U controller and 2x 2U drive trays.

The VSP E Series

The E stands for Everyone.

Because agile IT is now the only IT, the all-new VSP E series is everything you need and nothing you don't – giving you Enterprise capabilities on an Everyone budget.

Capacity without Compromise.

Have it your way VSP E series: all NVMe, all flash, all disk or hybrid flash.

VSP E Series

IDC calls the VSP E Series "extremely attractive" for midrange customers.

IDC says the VSP E
Series "value will be hard to beat."

IDC calls the VSP E Series a "compelling value proposition" for block-based storage.

IDC says the VSP E Series is "shaking up midrange enterprise storage."

IDC says the VSP E Series is "very easy to deploy and manage."

" We're a small IT team and don't have siloed staff…

…We all need to be able to troubleshoot any issues, so the less complex the management and troubleshooting of the storage the better."

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